USSA announces creation of US Freeskiing and partnership with The North Face

USSA announces creation of US Freeskiing and partnership with The North Face

USSA made a large announcement today, one that directly affects the freeskiing world. USSA, the founding organization of the US Ski Team and US Snowboarding brands is creating a US Freeskiing brand to encompass halfpipe and slopestyle events as well as skicross. Rather than include freeride events under the US Ski Team banner, USSA wanted to take the step to create a separate organization that can become a credible part of the freeskiing community and sport according to Jeremy Forster, the head of the USSA Freeskiing and Snowboarding programs.

This continues the momentum that has been consistently building in the bid for halfpipe skiing to be included in the 2014 Olympic games set to take place in Sochi, Russia.

"As halfpipe and slopestyle move towards potential Olympic inclusion, we want to represent the sport in the best way possible," continues Forster. "Launching US Freeskiing puts us in the position to do that."

With this building momentum, the US Freeskiing brand has announced an 8-year partnership with The North Face to be the official supplier of uniforms and accessories for the US Freeskiing team.

"To be able to partner with The North Face and launch this brand together is huge," says Forster. "Our goals line up perfectly in supporting the athletes and the growth of the sport hopefully towards the Olympics."

With such athletes as Tom Wallisch, Nick Martini and Mike Riddle being recently added to the TNF snow team and the progression and evolution of the company's outerwear product, The North Face is showing significant dedication to the sport of freeskiing.

In the next few months, The North Face and US Freeskiing will be releasing graphics and outerwear designs. Freeskier.com will keep you posted on more info regarding US Freeskiing and the Olympic bid.


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