Tragedy Sets in for Mufasa

Tragedy Sets in for Mufasa

Today was a very tragic day for Tim Dirtschi’s ski poles. Upon receiving bad news concerning a tear in his Saga jacket, his poles took the brunt of the malicious repercussion. The first swing took place on a bridge holding a rail that Tim already did not feel was appropriate. His ski pole’s life was cut short as soon as contact was made with the rail. The rail suffered no major damage. The remains of the pole were violently thrown overboard to dwell at the bottom of the creek below. Tim’s second pole met the same fate when it suffered an unrecoverable blow by the knee. A witness, Dylan Natale claims that Dirtschi swung the remains of the pole again, hitting the rail, and breaking the pole into more carbon fragments. His ferocious maneuvers occurred almost too fast to comprehend.

This is not the first outbreak of anger I have seen Tim experience. In fact, it happens so frequently, that I am asking myself, am I not angry enough sometimes? I’ve talked to Tim about his angry eruptions and he informed me that I have not even seen him in his most outrageous state of anger. Wow, this is scary, I think to myself, how much more extreme can it get? He claims it involves throwing goggles and then proceeding to beat them out of the air. As a result, the goggles become dismembered. Now, while not having any goggles or ski poles due to anger, this doesn’t stop Tim from “killing it”, no matter the weather. Tim’s heart of a lion and long mane has earned him the the nickname, Mufasa, aka Asland.

We’ve been hitting up the back country almost everyday, as well as puttin down salt lake city’s freshest urban features, that nobody has seen yet (hard to believe huh?). Ostness has been g.t.s.n’ like Survivorman….which means gettin lots of ridiculously cold, filthy shots. The film is coming along really well, and the circle of life will be completed soon. Here’s some photos that may cause you to shart your pants. Thanks for reading. This is Brandon Becker aka B-Squared, reporting from the front lines. Spread those eagles WIDE!!!!!!!!!

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