Our Top 5 April Fools Jokes From the Wide World of Skiing

Our Top 5 April Fools Jokes From the Wide World of Skiing

Every year, the ski industry showers us with some of the finest April Fools content around. Some are harder to pick apart than others. What is real? What is a prank? In today’s era, you never know, but we’re pretty sure that these plans are not happening any time soon. Here are the FREESKIER top five April Fools jokes from around the wide world of skiing.

Arapahoe Basin Announces Water Park Expansion

We’ve been waiting quite some time for this inevitable announcement. The Legend, AKA Arapahoe Basin, is bringing you the expansion you never knew you needed: a mountain-top water park. It’s about time, anyway. Pali chair was just getting a bit too boring if you ask us. Who needs world-class steeps when you have a water slide?

J Skis Breaks Out the First Tesla Signature Ski

As two innovators at the top of their respective crafts, Jason Levinthal and Elon Musk have been destined to cross paths for quite some time. Now is the time! The all-electric Tesla x J Skis model has arrived at Mad River Glen. We can’t wait to hop on a pair… right after they finish charging.

Bridger Bowl Joins the Epic Pass

Known for its dedicated local following, incredible big-mountain terrain and cold smoke powder, Bridger Bowl is one of the ski industry’s best-kept secrets… until now!

Aspen Snowmass Debuts Panda Peak Master Plan

Big air for new skiers? Thanks Aspen Snowmass! Buttermilk Mountain’s learning area, dubbed Panda Peak, would be an excellent spot for some extreme new terrain. Power of Panda Peak and Grom Games coming soon… maybe.

Customize Your Own Pit Vipers

Unfortunately, this one is also a joke. PV could certainly make some cash if it became a reality, though. The good news is that Pit Viper has launched new shades for Spring 2024, and you can take your pick of the offerings here.

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