The top 16 ski goggles of 2017

The top 16 ski goggles of 2017

The range of goggle offerings on the market is huge. From quick-change lenses to visual clarity, there are a lot of options to choose from. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the best goggles of 2017 that’ll keep you on the hill shredding, no matter what kind of weather you’re faced with or what style you prefer.

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anon. WM1


“With a wide field of view, outstanding venting, three-layer foam that subdues fogging and ultra-quick lens-changing capabilities, anon.’s WM1 is our favorite women’s-specific goggle for 2017…” Click for full review.

Dragon NFX2 – Chris Benchetler


“The goggle’s SwiftLock lens change system utilizes locking levers on either side of the frame to hold and detach the lens for swaps as smooth as Benchetler’s buttering abilities…” Click for full review.

Giro Contact


“On top of its comfortable triple-layer, microfleece-lined face foam, anti-fog coating and sleek overall appearance, its magnetic lens system is especially noteworthy…” Click for full review.

K2 Source T


“K2 is a master of a whole lot more than skis and boots, and the Source T goggle, highlighted by its photochromic lens that changes shades with the weather, is a great example of that…” Click for full review.

UVEX Big 40 FM


“This frameless beaut’ benefits from comfortable double-layer foam, a 186-degree field of view, full UV protection in the lens and Uvex’s Supravision tech that clears away fog via a water-wicking coating…” Click for full review.

Abominable Labs Abom Goggle


“Great field of vision is this goggle’s most obvious attribute, but it also features an awesome lens-swapping mechanism: The lens attaches to the frame via a set of retention teeth and dual electric contact points…” Click for full review.

Shred Simplify Walnuts


“The Simplify Walnuts gets a boost in visual clarity thanks in part to a hydrophobic treatment on its vent foam that keeps moisture from fogging the lens…” Click for full review.

Native Eyewear Backbowl


“The Backbowl’s oversized, frameless lens and use of Native’s SnowTuned—a color-enhancing filtration—helps you pick out any obstacles in your line…” Click for full review.

Spy Doom – Wiley Miller


“Wiley Miller’s pro model features a groovy, colorful strap graphic and a Happy Lens that blocks out harmful UV rays while increasing color and contrast for a better view…” Click for full review.

Oakley Line Miner


“Many goggles that offer great field of view sit relatively far away from your face, but the brand-new Line Miner from Oakley challenges that norm with a close-to-the-mug design that earns top marks in the periphery department…” Click for full review.

Electric EG3


“A huge field of vision lets you see all of your environment and a press-seal lens-swap system (think zip-lock bag) allows you to adapt to the light smoothly…” Click for full review.

Scott LCG


“The LCG is Scott’s signature goggle, highlighted by a lens-changing system where a slider makes releasing lenses easy and a hinge-hook combo makes inserting new ones a breeze, regardless of the conditions you’re battling…” Click for full review.

POC Fovea integrated with the Auric Cut helmet


“Its spherical lens combats glare and distortion and is treated with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating to keep your view of the runway clear before takeoff…” Click for full review.

Smith I/07 integrated with the Vantage helmet


“For 2016-17, Smith took its highly acclaimed sunglass lens technology, ChromaPop, and put it to use in its line of goggles, including the I/O7. We’re sure as hell not mad about that…” Click for full review.

anon. M3 integrated with the Prime helmet


“This cylindrical-lensed goggle features anon.’s Magna-Tech quick-change lens system. We’ve hailed this lens-swapping mechanism as the best of its kind for years and we’re sticking by that statement…” Click for full review.

Oakley Air Brake XL integrated with the Mod 3 helmet


“We’re not shy about expressing our love for Oakley’s Prizm lens tech—it gives contrast and color incredible boosts, yielding mind-boggling optical pleasure…” Click for full review.


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