TNF PPOS women’s slopestyle winner Katrina Siegfried is keeping skiing fun

TNF PPOS women’s slopestyle winner Katrina Siegfried is keeping skiing fun

Katrina Siegfried isn’t like the rest of this year’s crop of The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series winners. Rather than partaking in the competition scene, the Delaware-native prefers to shred the park at Keystone every weekend with her friends, and above all, wants to keep skiing for fun. Following her PPOS women’s slopestyle victory, we caught up with Siegfried to get a bit of intel into her world.

First off, where are you from and what’s your home mountain?

I grew up in Delaware and got into skiing while in college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I still live. For the last few years, I have pretty much always skied at Keystone.

What made you decide to enter this new PPOS virtual competition?

I had some friends who encouraged me to, and it didn’t involve me having to attend a competition or do any of the traditional contest things so I thought, “why not?”

Watch: Katrina Siegfried’s winning slopestyle run.

What did you think of the new format vs. the old one?

I don’t have fun doing competitions so I just don’t really participate in them. Skiing is something I do for fun and with school and work I don’t have the time or money to be traveling to different cities to do the competition thing—so the old format wasn’t for me at all. This new set up is really great. It broadens the pool of eligible skiers and allows for creativity and style in a way that really isn’t easily achievable in a traditional slopestyle competition.

Judges highlighted your technicality on the rails as a factor in your win. What do you think about that?

That’s pretty cool. I don’t really know what judges look for so I’m glad they liked it. I was pretty content with what I made and when you’re making any edit that’s all that really matters.

Do you see yourself entering into the comp scene?

[Laughs] No. Stuff like this is fun, but I don’t enjoy the traditional contest, so unless that changes I won’t be doing that.

Ideally, what does this success with the PPOS do for your skiing career?

I have a skiing career?

You seem to have a pretty solid social media game. How did that help with this competition, if at all?

Like Noah [Wallace] mentioned, it certainly didn’t hurt. However, I don’t think I had the most votes or anything so I’m not sure that really factored into how I did.

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