Noah Wallace wins 2015 TNF Park and Pipe Open Series

Noah Wallace wins 2015 TNF Park and Pipe Open Series

The first ever virtual park and pipe contest is a wrap and Noah Wallace is its Grand Prize winner. The Spokane-native will receive $2,500 for his efforts as well as the chance to film with Tom Wallisch for his web series Good Company. Wallace also took home the coveted Viewers’ Choice award by amassing over 10,000 votes. The 23-year-old shredder has had himself quite a season already, bagging favorable results at the FIS World Championships, SFR Tour, Iceland Winter Games and most recently, the European Freeski Open. This will only serve as icing on the cake.

According to head PPOS judge Mike Atkinson, Noah’s run stood out thanks to its “solid execution, variety of tricks, natural flow and solid landings.”

Kyle Smaine took the top spot in the men’s halfpipe contest, while Allison Welsh was crowned the women’s halfpipe champ. Katrina Nicole Siegfried scored an 89.50 on her slopestyle run, good enough for first place. Join us in congratulating all of the winners and contestants on one helluva contest.

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Specialty Awards
Grand Prize – Wallisch Select – Noah Wallace
Best GoPro Footage – Ian Hamilton
Viewers’ Choice – Noah Wallace
Best Trick – Max Moffatt
Best Rail – Casey Arnold
Best Air – Kyle Smaine
Biggest Personality – Josh Wong

Press Release provided by The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series:

After much anticipation, The North Face is pleased to announce the winners of the first ever Park and Pipe Open Series Virtual Competition (PPOS). On Fri., March 20, a seasoned panel of judges and athletes, including Mike Atkinson, Jason Arens, Tom Wallisch, Mike Riddle and Maddie Bowman, gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah, to carefully analyze each of the finalist videos and assign an overall impression score and ranking. The judges were very impressed by the high level of competition and sport progression demonstrated by the athletes. The virtual format enabled the judges to easily review videos numerous times ensuring athletes received appropriate scores. After much deliberation, Noah Wallace of Spokane, WA emerged as the winner of the competition’s Grand Prize and will have the opportunity to film a segment in Tom Wallisch’s new project, “Good Company.” Wallace was also the winner of the highly competitive Men’s Slopestyle category and the Viewer’s Choice award.

“Overall, we were looking for runs with solid execution, variety of tricks, natural flow and solid landings,” remarked Head PPOS Judge Mike Atkinson. “For example, Noah Wallace was able to spin all four ways and link his tricks with an effortless style. While the other top scores were all great runs, Wallace’s run just had something special. He was the only competitor to include a pole tap rodeo 5 in his run.”

Less than a point behind Wallace’s lead in Men’s Slopestyle, U.S Freeskiing Rookie Team member Colby Stevenson came in second place. Tom Wallisch noted that Stevenson was able to spin all four ways on both jumps and rails, which is something difficult to execute in competition. In third place, Brent Whipple’s run included all four-way doubles, but the judges felt his score would have improved had he been able to more fully execute his grabs.

Also, coming out of the Men’s Slopestyle category were the recipients of Best Rail, Trick, Personality and GoPro footage. Casey Arnold won Best Rail for a 270-on underflip 450-out with excellent precision of timing and balance. Max Moffat was awarded Best Trick for landing a switch triple 12, which PPOS Judge Jason Arens felt was one of the best tricks he had ever seen. Jason Wong’s submission clearly stood out as the Biggest Personality winner. Wong’s use of clever commentary, humor and unique tricks made every judge laugh. Finally, Ian Hamilton’s smart incorporation of a POV replay earned him the Best GoPro footage award.

Kyle Smaine came out on top of the Men’s Halfpipe division and also won Best Air. Smaine wowed the judges with a huge alley-oop flat 5 Japan screaming seaman that was executed perfectly over a high consequence gap. In second place, Broby Leeds had a great set of technical tricks, but was a little loose on a few landings. Judge Mike Riddle commented that it was tough to decide who deserved first place between Leeds and Smaine.

In the women’s categories, Allison Welsh won Halfpipe by showing great progression with a rodeo 9. Katrina Nicole Siegfried won Women’s Slopestyle for her overall technicality on the rails and jumps. Judge Mike Riddle exclaimed that Siegfried laid down the most technical rail combo he had ever seen from a girl. In second place, Vilde Johansen threw down one of the cleanest airs of any of the girls in the competition with an awesome switch 5.

“The level of difficulty and impression demonstrated by the top ladies was truly incredible,” said Judge Maddie Bowman. “I am excited to see this progression continue for women in the sport.”

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