TJ wins Freestyle.ch Big Air

TJ wins Freestyle.ch Big Air

Sept. 23, 2007: Zurich, Switzerland

Freestyle.ch 2007 was a hit across the boards. The 40,000 visitors pilgramaging to Zurich’s Landiwiese had it good this weekend: they witnessed the amazing feats of world-class athletes in top-notch contests, drank in the live concert sounds of Grannysmith, Gimma and Millencolin, and soaked up excellent vibes and perfect weather. We were able to treat visitors to the best Freestyle.ch ever, both in terms of sports and music.

The freeskiers had the honor of opening the Finals Day in a session packed with their best tricks. The Crossover Champ Simon Dumont (USA), Jon Olsson (SWE) and TJ Schiller (CAN) cozied into the three top spots in the Super Final. Having to throw one technical and one stylish trick, TJ Schilller took the title following his execution of a perfect Rodeo 5 Truck Driver, forcing Jon Olsson with his Bio 7 into 2nd, and Simon Dumont with his Rodeo 5 Double Grab into 3rd. Jon Olsson, who came in 2nd last year as well, nevertheless seemed happy, “For me, Freestyle.ch is one of the best events in the world. Riding here just rocks.”

The event was bursting during Saturday evening’s Ultimate Crossover Session. Packed audiences practically joined riders as they kicked it in cross discipline contests, pushed to ever-greater feats by the fevered enthusiasm of fans. For the first time in the history of Freestyle.ch, there was a real “Snow Super Final.” The French snowboarder Mathieu Crêpel (Switch Back Side 1260), the freeskier Simon Dumont (USA, Double Front Flip) and Jossi Wells (NZE, Switch Back Flip) managed to make it into the Super Final. As audiences roared, Simon Dumont claimed the winning position in the «Ultimate Crossover Session» as he displayed the craziest trick: a Double Front Flip with a Superman Bone, collecting the Crossover Champ title for the freeskiers.

Those who missed Freestyle.ch 2007 or just have the itch to re-experience a bit of the magic of Europe’s largest freestyle sports event, can tune in Sunday, September 31, to the televised highlights of freestyle.ch 2007 on SF 2 and soon on other channels like Eurosport and DSF.

Additional pictures, clips and information are available at freestyle.ch.

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