Thousands party like lunatics for closing day at Aspen Highlands

Thousands party like lunatics for closing day at Aspen Highlands

Each year it feels like closing day at Aspen Highlands comes too soon. It’s a harsh reminder that the ski season is winding down, however it’s also a great reason to get out and celebrate all those great days that you’ve had! With that in mind, the Freeskier crew made the drive from Boulder to Aspen this weekend armed with some promotional dollars from the folks at Coors Light to ensure that the closing day crowd stays well lubricated.

So, before we break into the eye candy. Let me give you a a little info about closing day at Aspen Highlands: It’s one of the biggest end of season bashes around. Thousands of people don their best gaper attire, party with friends, pond skim and give one of the best mountains out there a proper send off on it’s last day of operation. This year, instead of having bluebird sunshine and warm temperatures we were greeted with over a foot of fresh snow. Laps in the Highland Bowl were a must. Thankfully, as the day progressed the air warmed up, people stripped off layers and the crowd got loose.

Without further adieu, here are some photos from the closing day shenanigans at Aspen Highlands.

First chair of the day: I will have an eggcellent day!

A foot+ of fresh pow in the bowl? Wait, is this really closing day? Man, winter sure did decide to come late this year.

Ants marching to the 1+ foot of fresh powder. Mother Nature providing a little January in April.

After hitting up the bowl we headed to Cloud 9 for some grub. This is what we were greeted with. Nice.


The pink socks really complement the jorts this gentlemen is wearing.

Is that man on the right having a heart attack? If so, at least he’s going out happy.

Like it was 1980.

This gentlemen partied so hard he lost his pants. Thankfully ski patrol is leading him indoors for a fresh pair.

It sure does.

It’s a good thing we weren’t partying with a green screen behind us.

Raclette lunch at Cloud 9 was rowdy.

Fre-fre-fre FRESH.

Myself, Jon Glass (Creepy G) and Meredith from Aspen’s Communication department get rad.

This is what happens when you give the Easter Bunny acid.

This was the scene at 3:30 as we made our way down to the base. No shortage of party here.

Meredith from Aspen/Snowmass PR gets in a little post lunch stretch in her one-piece before descending down to the base.

Somehow we safely managed to get down to the base of the mountain. This is the sight that greeted us. Wow, that’s a bunch of people partying.

Matty Horn from Allegiance Management learned today that penguins adjust their migratory patterns so they can participate in closing day festivities at Aspen Highlands.

Big Bird gives us the ABC’s of partying. Turns out B is for black-zone.

Is this the new GoProHD?

We caught up with Fielding Miller (an old Freeskier employee) and were in awe of his North Face one-piece and matching Bolle sunglasses. Authentic.

I was partying, hard.

Local legend, “Benny The Blade” partners up with a Heineken keg can and proceeds to dominate the scene.

The vibe was contagious.

Without a doubt, Aspen Highlands closing day was one of the best times I’ve ever experienced on skis. We had a foot of new snow, fresh tracks in the Highland Bowl and surfed on a wave of good times the entire day with thousands of other folks that were partying like absolute lunatics. Normally I leave a resorts closing day upset and bummed that the season is no more, this year I left smiling from ear to ear knowing that I helped send the 2010 season at Aspen Highlands out on a high note.

See you next year, Highlands.

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