The top 10 places to find spare change for your Freeskier subscription

The top 10 places to find spare change for your Freeskier subscription

This post is now dated: to cash in on our 2014 summer subscription push (valid through 7.24.14), click here.


For a limited time, Freeskier is offering Super Summer Subscription Savings! It’s our way of saying, “Thanks for being a part of the Freeskier family—here’s a sweet deal to get you stoked for the upcoming season, and to shine a little light at the end of this long tunnel we call summer.”

As part of the deal, we’re dishing out one year’s worth of Freeskier (6 issues) for just $5. For those looking to get even more bang for their buck, there’s also the two-year special which includes 12 issues for $8, and the three-year offering: 18 issues of Freeskier for just $10. Assuming you’ll want to subscribe for one year at the very least, we present the top 10 places you can scrounge for five bucks.

  • #10. Your brother’s piggy bank.
  • #9. Sell your old iPhone.
  • #8. Underneath your couch cushions.
  • #7. A wishing well.*
  • #6. In the pocket of your jeans that just went through the wash.
  • #5. Under your car seat/in the cup holders.
  • #4. Collect deposit on the bottles/cans from this weekend’s party.
  • #3. Someone else’s tip jar.*
  • #2. Your girlfriend’s wallet.
  • #1. Your mother’s wallet.

To ensure you receive all six issues of Volume 16—beginning with the 2014 Buyer’s Guide—you must subscribe by 7.24.13. From Canada or overseas? Don’t fret. We’ll ship to you, too. You’ll just have to pay a little extra for shipping and handling. More info can be found at freeskier.com/subscribe.


*Freeskier does not actually condone the act of stealing money from someone’s tip jar, nor a wishing well. Your mother’s wallet, however, is 100% fair game.


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