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The Line Skis 2021 ‘Team Mixtape’ – 63 segments, 36 minutes of mayhem, the whole team is eatin’ good

“Less is more”. We hear that simple saying of refinement all the time. While the sentiment stays true, sometimes you should just say f*ck it and go with the whole enchilada. If you’re looking for evidence, then you have stumbled into the right corner of the internet. The 2021 Line ‘Team Mixtape’ is everything you could hope for, and some. You want Andy Parry talking nonsense and skiing over benches in the streets of New York? Done. Garret Capel and Dylan Siggers hauling down drool worthy, pillow covered faces in British Columbia? You bet. Maybe you’re interested in seeing Pete Koukov, Tucker FitzSimons, Taylor Lundquist, and a handful of others dice up rails that look like they came from a silly straw factory? Not a problem. With such a mashup of styles and talent, you’re bound to find something you love.

Possibly the greatest upside of a project like this is being exposed to so many different riders. I’d wager there are going to be at least one or two names mixed in here that you’ve never heard of before. Check out their edits, give their instagrams a follow, and find some inspiration in the uniqueness that they bring to the table. This spread of creativity and connection is what makes the ski community such a great place to be. It’s a special thing to simultaneously be half way around the world and still communicate through a medium that is as relatable and passion filled as this.

With that in mind, enjoy this beautiful compilation of such a talented team. It’s always great to have a reminder of how many different ways there are to look at a mountain. From Sleepy Grill and Daniel Loosli with their seemingly effortless flows, to Jake Hopfinger and Hadley Hammer turning the mountain into a playground. Take a note from Sämi Ortlieb and Rob Heule, and bring your own artistic touch to the sport. And if none of these speak to you, there’s quite literally dozens of names that I have yet to mention. At the end of the day, there’s a million ways to ski, and they’re all correct. Unless of course you’re nordic skiing, in which case you should probably take some time to think about your actions. But don’t worry, you could still tele!

Thank you to Line and all the brands with similar mind sets, who continue to bring on those who push skiing forward, and remind us that it’s still all about having fun.

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