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The Best of Instagram: See Bobby Brown’s choice pics of 2014-15

The Best of Instagram: See Bobby Brown’s choice pics of 2014-15

This week in our Best of Instagram series, Bobby Brown brings us his selects from the 2014-15 shred season. The sultan of monster airs had yet another successful year; between competing on the sport’s greatest stages week-in and week-out, filming around the globe with MSP Films and bagging yet another X Games medal, the Colorado kid even managed to squeeze a couple of days on the hill with his old man.

For those that don’t already follow Bobby on Instagram, his feed is constantly a thrill. His posts almost always showcase bangers, like this one, and this one. Oh, and this one, too. Given his knack for capturing insane content, we expected Bobby to select instances of pure high-flying action. However, the images that Brown has selected highlight something different: a few moments that are perhaps more mundane to the quick glance. It just goes to show that it’s not always about absolutely epic action, simply the good times had and the awesome people that you hang with on snow. Cheers to that, Bobby.

Enjoy Brown’s cream-of-the-crop Instagrams, below.

Note: The following words are provided by Bobby Brown.

The ‘Grams…

Strange scenery for a surf. #tubed #pitted #elevenexperience #NorthShoreofIceland

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This was probably one of the best days of my life. As our crew rolled around the corner we saw perfect waves peeling from the point. It was the most insane thing I’ve ever seen. In Iceland, surrounded by huge snow covered mountains—it was really the last thing I thought we would be doing. After surfing, the clouds cleared and we got to hop in the heli and go session a quarterpipe we built the day before. That was a good one.

Air @seanjordan cork 7 ???????? @ua_action @msp_films @gopro

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This was the first MSP trip I went on this year. I didn’t know what to expect, but booked the ticket and headed out to Italy to meet with Scott Gaffney, Sean Jordan, Liam Doran and Rex Lint. We started the trip off by cruising the resort park, which had two perfect jumps. I got to take out the GoPro and follow Sean J off of the jumps a few times. Then, we cruised to Gressonay and scored some of the best pow I’ve ever skied.

Backflip for the boys! #gopro #flipfolife

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Pretty simple. Perfect bluebird day shredding our home mountain [Breckenridge].

My dad looking fly as f this morning at Breck

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I don’t get as many of these days as I would like. I got to take a day to cruise with my dad. He followed Peter and I all over Breckenridge. Up T-Bar, down Horse Shoe, through the park and all over again for about six hours straight. It’s always a good time with those two.

I was surprised to get this shot. I set up the GoPro and let it take as many photos as the light let would us. Cody [Cirillo] hit this rail about 15 times and the GoPro took about 5,000 photos. After scrolling through them, we saw this one. We didn’t even realize the sign [Keep Off Wall] when we set it up. It worked out really well, and Cody got a banger video shot on the rail, too.

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