Summer Ski Bliss: 10 reasons Windells Camp will serve up the time of your life

Summer Ski Bliss: 10 reasons Windells Camp will serve up the time of your life

Tim Windell hosted his first summer camp in 1988; so, when you sign up for Windells Camp in the summer of 2017, consider that your experience will benefit from 28 summers worth of fine-tuning. Based near Mt. Hood, Oregon, the operation is arguably the most popular freeskiing-centric summer camp in the Lower 48. Its eight-day ski camps provide serious fun—both on-hill and off—for skiers of all ability levels and ages. Of course, part of the fun is progressing your skills on skis, and Windells is dedicated to helping you reach your goals in a safe environment. To get a quick glimpse of what a week at Windells looks like, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights via the 10 paragraphs, below. If you’re keen to discover more beyond what we’ve outlined here, or interested in booking a camp session for 2017, visit windells.com.

Kevin Curran airs over Windells Campers while Noah Curry slashes below. Photo: Gavin Rudy.


The south-facing slopes of Mt. Hood’s Palmer Snowfield receive upwards of 500 inches of snow each season, which keeps the skiing alive well into the summertime. Soccer camp? Forget it.


Each year, Windells arranges a top-notch, creative plethora of park features on the Snowfield for campers to enjoy. In addition to a slew of creative rails and boxes for folks to slide around on, the jumps are absolutely amazing. Whether it’s heavy metal or pristine kickers you fancy, there are offerings of all shapes and sizes, suitable for every ability level. That new trick you’re looking to learn? You’ll find the ideal proving grounds in Windells’ “lane” on the Snowfield, without a doubt.


Each of Windells’ summer sessions includes “takeovers” by professional skiers. In 2017, names like Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown, Joss Christensen, Devin Logan and Karl Fostvedt, among many others, are expected to be on-site, lending a hand to, and sharing laughs with campers of all ages. Skiing with Olympic and X Games medalists is, to be brief, very special.

Banks Gilberti hand-planting the day away. Photo: Aiden Ulrich.


The fun doesn’t stop when the ski day is done. There’s a smörgåsbord of off-hill activities for campers to enjoy, including Windells’ private skate park, dubbed The Concrete Jungle. At 89,500 square feet, the skate park is the largest in the Pacific Northwest and boasts a wide variety of skate features—small, medium and large in stature—to accommodate all skill levels.

Campers get welcomed with a super soaker within the Concrete Jungle. Photo: Gavin Rudy.

This could be you—sending it off the camp’s dreamy airbag jump. Photo: Gill Montgomery.


Campers are invited to brush up on their flips, spins and grabs using the 14×14-foot MaxAir Super Quad trampoline located in The Lab—one of Windells’ outdoor training facilities. Next to the monstrous trampoline sit two Skatelite ramps (ideal for rollerblades, skateboards, roller skis, etc.) that deposit air-enthusiasts into Windells’ own BagJump. It’s difficult to say what’s more fun: skiing, or coming back to Windells’ campus and playing around at The Lab.


Windells’ Forest Park is a huge dirt-track that pumps and winds through technical singletrack woods, rock gardens, wood ramps and drops. Bikes are on-site for campers to grab and take for a spin.


Those itching to test out the latest and greatest products from skiing’s top brands will love the The Demo Center. From skis to boots to bindings, the shop has it all, as well as a highly knowledgeable staff to get each camper dialed in.

Ethan Swadburg lets one rip. Photo: Gavin Rudy.


There’s no shortage of low-key (or ultra-aggressive, if that’s your style) competition to be had at Windells. Be it piñata smashing, bobbing for hot dogs or just a good ol’ game of knock out at the basketball hoop, the fun and games are a perfect supplement to the skiing. More often than not, a spur-of-the-moment game will result in campers walking away with hordes of “swag,” from stickers to outerwear to full-on ski setups.


Experiencing one full week at Windells Camp opens up the door to meeting other passionate skiers from around the country. The time spent skiing, learning new tricks, goofing around in the courtyard, sharing stories and making new friends will be seared into your memory forever. Be it a new trick or a new best bud, one way or another you won’t leave Windells empty handed.

Windells = Best time of your life. Trust us. Photo: Ricky Aponte.

10: ADULT CAMP (21+)

The definition of “camper” looks a bit different when it comes to Adult Camp. The one thing that doesn’t change is the pure fun factor. Your dedicated guides will provide round trip airport transport and they’ll chauffeur you on all daily trips, including to and from the beautiful, historic Palmer Snowfield. You’ll have full access to Windells’ private campus and facilities as well as the Demo Center. You’ll take a tour of downtown Portland, Oregon; meet and greet with visiting pro skiers; experience “adult only” excursions; and enjoy comfortable, private adult housing. Camp food? Nope. The kitchen staff will prepare meals just for you. Or you’ll wine and dine at local, unique spots in the area. There’s no time like the present, folks.

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