Subscribe to Freeskier magazine: Be the alpha in your wolfpack

Subscribe to Freeskier magazine: Be the alpha in your wolfpack

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In social animals, the alpha is the individual in the community with the highest rank. Both male and female individuals may achieve this status. By reading Freeskier magazine, you have dramatically increased odds of rising to alpha standing within your various friend circles. Between the copious adventure stories, extensive gear reviews, athlete profiles and interviews, in-depth travel guides, artistic photo galleries, competition coverage and more, you’ll be such an expert on skiing that others will quickly bow down to your unrivaled knowledge of the sport. Try to envision it…

When you subscribe to Freeskier magazine by 7.24.13, you’re eligible to receive 18 issues for just $10—that’s 66% off the cover price. You can also opt for the one-year deal, which includes six issues for $5—nearly half off the standard rate. The bottom line: Never before has it been so easy to achieve alpha status among your own personal wolfpack.

Moreover, the designation comes with a handful of sweet perks:

Male and/or female alphas may gain preferential access to sex or mates.

You’re gettin’ laid! A great bonus of subscribing to Freeskier. From Whistler to Mammoth, Jackson to Aspen, Stowe to Sunday River, and everywhere in between, your alpha musk will attract partners from miles around. Have fun, and don’t forget to be safe.

Other animals in the same social group may exhibit deference or other symbolic signs of respect particular to their species towards the alpha.

For skiers, the signs of respect come in many forms: Offerings of a bed or couch vs. a floor space at the hotel, shotgun en route to the ski hill, free beer at the base lodge come lunchtime, a spot next to the cute, single lady on the chairlift (or the good looking dude with the chiseled jawline and just the right amount of scruff), and at the end of the ski day, the ultimate sacrifice: “Hey, let me carry your skis for you.” In many cases, skiers will offer to capture the alpha’s entire day via GoPro so that the alpha can then relive his/her fun-filled experiences at a later time.

In hierarchal social animals, alphas usually gain preferential access to food and other desirable items or activities.

Only one hot dog left on the grill at the mid-mountain yurt? It’s as good as yours. The group wants pizza delivery for dinner but you’re demanding sushi in town? They will follow. Other desirables may include first drops into untouched powder fields, special treatment in line for the terrain park’s double chair, etc. At the bar for après? You’re up first for darts. You lose the first game? Still your turn.

What can you look forward to, should you decide to shell out your cold, hard cash? Here’s what’s on the docket for Freeskier’s 16th volume:

  • Volume 16.1 — The 2014 Buyer’s Guide
  • The 2014 Buyer’s Guide will be chock full of next year’s best gear: tested, reviewed, and—if worthy—stamped with our Editor’s Pick seal of approval. 
  • Volume 16.2 — The October issue
  • The October issue will feature travel stories that will make you say to yourself, “Damn, that’s awesome.” Does shredding in the streets of bankrupt and dangerous Detroit tickle your fancy? It’s just one of a handful of adventures you’ll read about.
  • Volume 16.3 — The 2014 Resort Guide
  •  The 2014 Resort Guide will highlight our favorite destinations. We’ll tell you where to go and what to do when you arrive at each locale.
  • Volume 16.4 — The December issue
  •  The December issue will include a holiday gift guide, as well as backcountry jumping in Alaska and a profile of Parker White, the Prius guy.
  • Volume 16.5 — The 2014 Photo Annual/Skier of the Year profile
  • The 2014 Photo Annual will feature the year’s most stunning ski photography, along with profiles on the 2013 Skiers of the Year.
  • Volume 16.6 — The special “Olympic mega issue”
  • Arguably the most exciting addition to Freeskier’s Volume 16 is the Olympic “mega issue.” What’s sure to be a collector’s edition for any ski enthusiast, this issue celebrates the sport of freeskiing on the verge of its Olympic debut. We’ll highlight freeskiing’s “road to Sochi,” profile the hopefuls, call out our top picks, shed light on Sochi and its surroundings and present loads of information re: the Games in the form of infographics, flow charts and more. By the time the Opening Ceremony flashes on your television screen, you’ll have read this issue time and again, making you an expert on all things freeskiing/Sochi related.
  • Volume 16.7Backcountry Edition (special issue, not shipped to subscribers)

And with that, there’s only one thing left to say: Be the alpha—subscribe to Freeskier.

The bolded information above was drawn directly from Wikipedia. So what? Canadian subscribers will be charged an additional $20 per year. Sorry folks, nothing we can do about that one. It’s just how international postage works. European subscribers will be charged an additional $30 per year. Sending magazines across the pond isn’t cheap. Don’t worry, it’s worth it. Freeskier Magazine is published six times per year. We’d love to make more issues, however we’d prefer to ski during the winter than make more magazines.

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