[Giveaway] Win a pair of K1 Knee Support tights from Stoko!

[Giveaway] Win a pair of K1 Knee Support tights from Stoko!

[Giveaway] Win a pair of K1 or K1 Breathe Edition tights from Stoko!

The days of knee injuries holding you back are over, thanks to supportive apparel from Vancouver-based Stoko Designs. From your waist to your calf, the K1 Tight’s Embrace System wraps your legs with over 90 feet of high strength support cables that are directly integrated into an ultra comfortable compression tight. The cabling is positioned to naturally move with you, supporting your knee when you need it most. You can even customize the level of support in each leg with two independent control dials in the waistband.

Since launching just a season ago, Stoko has received an amazing response from elite athletes, including Olympians and pro skiers. Made with innovative 3D knitted Repreve yarn, the fabric is breathable, stretchable and fits next-to-skin so it can be worn as a baselayer, too. It minimizes heat and perspiration, allowing your body to cool down even when skiing.

This week, Stoko is giving one lucky winner the choice between the K1 or K1 Breathe tight. Both products offer the same tried-and-tested support for injury prevention or recovery, but the difference is in the fabric itself. The K1 Breathe offers knitted ventilation patches throughout the tights to offer a more breathable option, if you tend to run hot or prefer to wear lighter layers under your gear. Don’t miss your chance to enter—your knees will thank you.

K1 Knee Support Tights

Made with high stretch, breathable fabric, the K1 is ultra comfortable and easy to use with adjustable support using the two control dials. Whether you’re recovering from a knee injury or just need some extra support to protect yourself, the K1 has you covered.

K1 Breathe Knee Support Tights

The K1 Breathe was designed to keep you cool, comfortable and fully supported when doing the activities you love. Every pair of K1 Breathe tights features knitted ventilation incorporated directly into the material for optimal temperature control and support. 

Athlete Testimonials:

“Been loving my K1s! It’s crazy how much knee support you get from these, letting me feel confident on my return to snow.” — Stan Rey, professional freeskier

“I always longed for a support system that didn’t restrict my movement yet helped me feel more durable. The K1 has been the perfect tool for me to unconsciously feel more confident in my ability. Currently, it’s helping me feel great on my skis as I head into the Olympic qualifying season.” — Mark Hendrickson, Canadian freestyle skier

“I crashed into the fence today on my speed check—a dead stop from full speed—and strained my meniscus. Pretty sure my whole knee would have been done if I didn’t have [the K1s] on. You saved my season.” — Lewis Irving, Olympic aerial skier

To learn more about Stoko Designs, click HERE.

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