a few thoughts… wanted to say THANK YOU to the almost 20thousand people who have voted for me so far! a week ago or so i was wondering/skeptical of how vskis votes were going up sooo quickly. there were some hints at someone getting by the system and racking up votes.. but after watching my own votes i am amazed at how much this has actually taken off! (unless someones doing that for my account too.. but i dont know about that.)

so not only did the number of votes amaze me, but also riding today..
im back on the east coast for the holidays and am shredding my home mountain, mad river, in VT for the week. the first day of my return and there were countless people sharing excitement saying theyd voted for me, they hope i win, etcetcetc.
so, i am SO stoked on the amount of supporters i have both online and on the mountain. especially at the hill because you know that its not about your almost naked picture, its about you being out there riding every day and them knowing your love, dedication, and addiction for the sport. its about when you come tearing out of the woods with that shit eating grin on your face and having friends at the bottom just saying wow, you SHOULD be the next lange girl. its really nice to see people alllmmmossttt as excited as i am at the thought of it.
some girls are coming across pretty negatively about the whole being naked or promiscuous, but thats what lange girls have always been about.. the posters are not necessarily skiing pictures, but sexy ladies that you should assume (since being a lange girl) can shred. so dont hate on it, its a beautiful thing. and thank you guys, really, for having faith that im not just a pretty girl and voting for me cuz you know ill rage any mountain you put me on and make it look soo good. keep on rallyin the votes.. and keep those tips up.

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