Spring break for the rage crew!

Spring break for the rage crew!

It’s spring break for most of us, but the rage crew is still putting in work. AJ de Saint Phalle, Dan Norkunas, Dylan Natale, Mike Mertion, and I (Kyler Cooley) hauled the sleds up to northern Utah and had ourselves a good ole’ time. We put in a few early mornings that led to some late afternoon returns. They were long days but worth it cuz it was tons of fun. We built a few jumps, hit some natural stuff, found some good snow despite the shorts and flip flop weather in town, and even got our shine on (thats a tan for the leyman). We did some sledneckings, AJ rolled his sled, and we all got stuck trying to prove our man skills on the mountain. We ended up hitting one of the funner jumps of the season into dope snow which was crazy cuz it was about 50 degrees up there. I don’t have a ton of pics but there’s a few worth looking at. Check out ragefilms.com for more pics and updates. Look out for the flick next fall cuz it’s gonna be dope. Oh yeah, and we played a bit of b-ball a few weeks ago. Those pics are just plain funny.

later ya’ll

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