Spring break for the rage crew!

Spring break for the rage crew!

While the rest of you were in cancun getting boozed up, or at least watching it on MTV, the rage crew has been putting in work. We headed up to northern Utah to check out some fun terrain. It was tons of fun with some crazy terrain to ski and sledneck around on. We built a few jumps and somehow found powder to ski despite the 60 degree weather and scorching sun. It turned out to be a ton of fun and productive as well. Ian Cosco who now has a male pattern baldness haircut kept us entertained with his rc racer sled and kites that he decided to bring in the backcountry along with his steezy 7’s. Mertion killed it with his choke out grabs, and Dylan landed backwards a lot and made me jealous. Oh yeah and Dylan and I have been working on our jumpshot and alley oops to so don’t be surprised if we get picked up in the draft next year.

Later ya’ll. check out the pics, maybe if we’re lucky Dan from rage will post some more since I only had my point and shoot.

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