Spread the Freeskier stoke, jump on the #FreeskierSelfies bandwagon

Spread the Freeskier stoke, jump on the #FreeskierSelfies bandwagon

It’s a pretty special feeling—when you find the season’s first issue of Freeskier in your mailbox. Common reactions include screaming like a young girl at a Bieber concert; chest bumping everyone in sight; running a circle around the block, the magazine held proudly above one’s head, parading the new mag for all to see; and also skipping lunch and/or dinner, giving one ample time to read the magazine from start to finish, at least five times.

To help skiers channel this enthusiasm, we’re introducing #FreeskierSelfies. This is your chance to show the world just how excited you are about the latest issue of Freeskier, and skiing in general.

Here’s how to partake:

When you receive a new issue of Freeskier, try your darndest to shoot an awesome photo of yourself displaying the mag. The more creative, the better. Post your image to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, tag us, and use the hashtag #FreeskierSelfies. Voilà!

Here’s why you should partake:

First off, everyone loves a good selfie. Second, we’ll be watching closely to see who comes up with the best photos, and who knows… we may award some fresh items from our expansive gear closet to some of our favorites.

Selfie away!

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