Speaking with Banks Gilberti re: plans to Explore More this coming season

Speaking with Banks Gilberti re: plans to Explore More this coming season

Whether he’s pursuing a new peak or a new quad kink, Zeal Optics team rider Banks Gilberti certainly embodies the brand’s tagline, Explore More. Having partnered with Zeal to launch the #ExploreMoreHD contest on Instagram, we caught up with Banks to discuss his knack for seeking out adventures, his season ahead, filming with Level 1 for Partly Cloudy and more.


Hey Banks. How’d your summer wind down?

Hey, good, thanks. Just a lot of outside stuff, you know… Spending as much time as I can outside and exploring all around Sun Valley, where I grew up. Just like, doing activities with the friends. Skating a ton. Hiking a bunch. Exploring other places in Idaho I’ve never been to before, too. Just trying not to get fat and lazy. [Laughs] I’m trying to always be doing something. Never spend a whole day inside.

Tell me about how this theme of exploring plays into your skiing.

Yeah, it directly relates to winter. That’s what we’re doing always, just exploring and finding new places to ski. Something new to yourself. Some place that you’ve never spent time at. That’s what keeps us going. It’s only natural to be doing the same things during the summer.


Explore More with Banks Gilberti. Shot by @talroberts.

With winter just around the corner, how are you prepping for your first turns?

I’m just getting my mind back to winter. Thinking about some of the places I want to go to. I think of the things I wanted to do last winter that I didn’t have a chance to get around to. Yeah, just getting your mind trained back, into a place where you’re ready for the snow to fall.

What are some of those places?

As of right now, I don’t really know what the snowfall will be like, so you can’t make specific plans. But you can hope for stuff… I definitely want to make it back east, to around upstate New York, to do some urban. Again, it’s all snow permitting. I definitely want to get to the midwest, too. I tried to do it last year and it just didn’t pan out. Definitely those two.

Upstate New York and the midwest aren’t exactly every skier’s response to that question…

[Laughs] That’s just urban, you know? Getting to cities and small towns that you’ve never been to before. There’s so much there to be explored. Those two places are pretty manageable, in terms of getting around, and consistent snow. Other than that, I want to explore more of the mountain ranges in Idaho. More sled trips up and around here. I’ve done minimal stuff in Idaho, so just explore the backyard and be familiar with the area around you. Also, getting some time in Breck, riding park, riding with new buddies… Definitely want to make sure to do that during the early season.

 This contest we’re launching, it’s rooted in Instagram. You’re doing a great job of promoting yourself that way.

Instagram for me… It’s kind of my favorite social media outlet. I grew up really loving photography and taking photos, and kind of just showing people what I’m doing through photographs rather than words. When Insta came around it was kind of like the perfect platform to show what you’re doing without having to say a whole lot. Let the photo speak for itself. Anyone can use it, at least anyone with a cell phone, and I love seeing what my friends are up to, and people I look up to all around the world. I’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos. [Follow @bankzg]

Real quick’, you have a great segment in Level 1’s Partly Cloudy. How was shooting with those guys this year?

Thanks! I loved that trip to Sweden where we met up with LSM and Niklas Eriksson and I think that was my favorite trip. Certainly the most productive. An easy scenario to be in, too. Sweden was so easy. Nobody hassling you. We hit so many spots, got all of the shots we needed, we didn’t get kicked out of any place… People loved seeing what we were doing, even the police. It’s almost like culture shock going from the U.S. because all you do here is get hassled when you’re trying to do urban. It was an unbelievable change, not having to worry about getting busted constantly. So that was the standout for me. Hope to go back there next season, too.

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