Snowpark NZ: Best park in world?

Snowpark NZ: Best park in world?

Summer is here in the Northern hemisphere. People are soon heading to the glaciers to get a bit of summer park skiing. Yet in South America, Australia and New Zealand the winter season is just about to kick off. The number one freestyle resort of the Southern hemisphere, Snowpark NZ, is opening in less than 10 days.
But how good are the parks down under and in NZ actually? Are they really better than what you find in the US and somewhere in Europe during their winter season? I think it’s an interesting discussion. Having been in Snowpark NZ myself for the last two seasons I must admit it is really good. But of course I haven’t tried all parks in the world and I know different people will have different oppions about what makes the perfect park.
Mysnowparks.com has recently opened and is focused on letting the users update virtually all parks in the world on the site and rate them. When the site eventually gets enough users from all around the world I believe the park ratings on the site will actually be a very good measure of which park is really the best. So we might finally get an answer to the question we have all been asking and discussing.

At the moment Snowpark NZ is the highest rated snowpark on Mysnowparks.com. Do you agree?

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