Smaine, Sharpe win The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series superpipe at Northstar

Smaine, Sharpe win The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series superpipe at Northstar


Words and photos by Brian Walker.

Sunday's pipe comp was an awesome way to end the weekend: sunshine, blue skies and a perfect halfpipe. The men's qualifier kicked things off with the top 7 advancing to the finals to meet up with the 5 pre-qualified athletes. The advancing seven included (in order of qualifying results) Colby Stevenson, Garett Northey, Colter Brehner, Sean Collin, Collin Jefferies, Carson LeHouillier, and Brendan MacKay. During qualifying we saw some very stylish 900s, flares, and alley oop flat 540s. The top seven men then met up with Kyle Smaine, Kris Atkinson, Patrick Baskins, Marshall LaCroix and James Campbell.

On the women's side of things Cassandra Sharpe came out on top throwing a huge flare after taking a couple spills during practice. Her run also included a smooth 540 and some big straight airs. In second was Maggie Stout who had some stand out 540s. Rounding out the podium was Abigale Hansen. Her runs consisted of some very smooth spins including some impressive 540s and switch hits at the bottom.


Men's finals started off with a bang with athletes throwing down some top notch runs. Yesterday's third place finisher was James Campbell, whose run started off with a left 900 into a right 900, cork 540, flat 360, and finished off with a switch 900. Campbell's run put an exclamation point on his weekend, as he'd already taken top honors in the slopestyle event one day prior. The last person to run today, Patrick Baskins, came out slaying with an impressive run that consisted of a switch 900, switch 720, left 900, flat 540, and a perfect 1260 to cap it. Today's winner, however, absolutely dominated, putting down a run that unquestionably deserved first place with massive airs from top to bottom. He started off with an enormous double flare, and linked with a flat 360, into a switch 720, right 900, and then a massive 900 japan.

After the event, Smaine noted, "It felt so good to finally put that run down in a contest, and to do it at home with all my friends there just made it that much sweeter."

And that concludes the second stop of The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series. The third and final stop takes place in Waterville Valley, NH beginning March 8, 2012.



1. Kyle Smaine-92.60
2. Patrick Baskins-89.80
3. James Campbell-84.00
4. Marshall LaCroix-82.80
5. Garett Northey-81.80
6. Colby Stevenson-78.20
7. Kris Atkinson-78.00
8. Carson LeHouillier-75.80
9. Brendon MacKay-71.20
10. Sean Collin-65.00
11. Colter Brehner-55.60
12. Collin Jefferies-38.00



1. Cassandra Sharpe-77.00
2. Maggie Stout-73
3. Abigale Hansen-69.60
4. Zyre Austin-64.20
5. Charity Mersereau-60.20
6. Shannon Gunning-54.40
7. Stephanie Lawee-53.40
8. Katie Souza-41.40


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