Skiers test their knowledge on Jibardy: Max Hill vs. Bobby Brown

Skiers test their knowledge on Jibardy: Max Hill vs. Bobby Brown

How does it work? We call each athlete on the phone and ask ‘em 10 questions. The Rules: This is a battle of two minds. No physical prowess necessary. Cheating not allowed. No Google, no Wikipedia, no smart friends. No set time limit, but don’t take forever, it’s not rocket science. Points are awarded at the discretion of FREESKIER staff. In the event of a tie… well, it’s a tie. Winner does not move on, this is a one time deal. Stay tuned to see who competes in the next edition of Jibardy.

#1. Who is the Norse God of Winter?

  • Ullr. [1 pt.]
  • Jesus.

#2. What is a polar bear’s top running speed?

  • 69 kmh (42.87 mph). [1 pt.]
  • 45 mph.

#3. Sochi, Russia, host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, borders what sea?

  • Black Sea. [1 pt.]
  • Caspian Sea. 

#4. Who did ESPN name the Skier of the Year in 2001?

  • Candide.
  • Tanner Hall.

#5. In 2013, the X Games will add three host cities in what countries?

  • Brazil, Germany and Spain. [3 pts.]
  • Brazil, China and Argentina. [1 pt.]

#6. What ski resort has the highest peak elevation in North America?

  • Breck.
  • Telluride. 

#7. If you were to get “Rick Rolled” which artist/song would you be listening to?

  • [Max immediately sings ‘Never GonnaGive You Up’ by Rick Astley.] [1 pt.]
  • Michael Jackson, Thriller.

#8. The new Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face is a combination of what three events?

  • No clue.
  • I honestly don’t know.

#9. Name the two main characters in the movie Aspen Extreme. (bonus point: What city did they move from)

  • TJ and Dexter. I don’t know where they moved from though. [1 pt.]
  • I’ve never seen it… Jon and Paul from Minnesota?

#10. What two athletes competed in all three disciplines at last season’s Winter X Games?

  • Jossi Wells and Gus Kenworthy. [2 pts.]
  • Gus Kenworthy and Jossi Wells. [2 pts.] 

ANSWERS: 01. Ullr. 02. Closest to 25 mph. 03. Black Sea. 04. Shane McConkey. 05. Foz Do Iguaco, Brazil; Barcelona, Spain; Munich, Germany. 06. Silverton Mountain, 13,487’. 07. Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up. 08. Swatch Freeride World Tour, TNF Masters of Snowboarding and Freeskiing World Tour. 09. TJ Burke and Dexter Rutecki from Detroit. 10. Jossi Wells and Gus Kenworthy.

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