Ski Fanatic

Ski Fanatic

The cold air feels like it’s slicing my lungs with every breath. My legs weigh 1000lbs each and every step takes all my energy. As I hike along, the top of the mountain comes into view. The peacefulness of being backcountry soothes me and I keep putting one foot in front of the other knowing that my next line down that untouched face will be pure bliss. Once at the top the adrenaline starts to kick in; avalanche gear… check, shovel…. check, good friend that can dig me out…. check. On the radio the voices of my other friends, the ones at the bottom with the camera because they didn’t have the guts to hike up here, are audible. Here goes the count down 5-4-3-2-1, and I make a jump turn off the ledge into perfect untouched powder. This powder one only finds a few times a season, light and fluffy. My K2 Hellbents feel like I am skiing on a cloud, this feeling that overcomes me is indescribable. Nothing else matters, it is me and nature, no worries, no bills, no job, nothing can touch me here. With the wind whipping through my hair I gain speed and the faster I go, the bigger the smile is on my face. Before I know it I am at the bottom with everyone cheering, showing pictures of my line down. Those beautiful turns are the only marks in the otherwise pristine powder. The random observers that were watching make me laugh, more to the point, the men watching make me laugh. When I come to a stop and remove my beanie, these men have a shocked look on their faces and exclaim, ‘Wow your a chick’.

This is what I believe is the essence of a Lange girl: ski harder and better than most guys, and look gorgeous while doing it.

I have been teaching skiing for 7 years now and have worked at The Summit-At-Snoqualmie, Whistler Mt and Grouse Mt. I spend my winters touring mountains and hunting out powder. I try to get to at least 3 new mountains each season and have skied in Switzerland, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta.

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