Ski Dazzle Chicago Wrap-Up

Ski Dazzle Chicago Wrap-Up

It is really possible that we collectively gained 20 lbs this weekend at the Ski Dazzle Chicago show? Can anyone say deep dish pizza? We can and did a few too many times, but thankfully we had plenty going on with more rail jam participants then we could have imagined. Thanks for coming out in force Chicago! And HUGE props to the midwest’s own Adam Shrab for bringing the Midwarp Bus to the show. Nice work, that is one pimp bus.

And as it turns out, tall tees and “My Friend is a Pro” are still hot in the windy city. Keep it real Chicago, we love the midwest.

There were some legitimately talented kids in the comp, making it fun for the athletes and spectators alike. These kids even let Digi talk them into riding that train across the elevated flat box. In my eyes, I’m seeing triple vision?

And once again we had kids come from all over to participate in the comp. We even had a family drive out from Michigan just to compete. In the end we had to pick the three winners, which unfortunately for the third place finisher had nothing to do with the length of his tall tee. Big ups to Stowe for hooking the grand prize winner up with a new pair of Blizzard skis.

Ski Lake Tahoe kept it real by hosting a break dancing contest. And once again, Chicago impressed us with their abilities. This windy city B-Boy took home some lift tickets to Lake Tahoe’s finest ski resorts. Hope you make it out there.

And that’s a wrap from Chi-town. Off to The Bay Area Ski Dazzle for the next stop of the show series. We will be chillin in sunny San Jose on November 13, 14 and 15 – doing it all again. Come by and we will hook you up with a $3 sub to the magazine, just for coming to the show.

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