Signing The Guestbook

Signing The Guestbook

Its no secret that working for a ski magazine means that you travel a bunch. You live out of a ski bag, condo hopping from one mountain to the other. Typically, the condos have guestbooks that you can sign and leave a little piece of your vacation experience in. One weekend, Mike decided to stray from the typical entry which consists of Freeskier stickers and some subscription cards with this gem…

Hey There,
What a week! It all started when Kelly jumped off the roof of the balcony onto Kent, who broke his leg. The hospital was fun too. Uncle Mark got really, really mad when Auntie Sue burnt the Chicken Parm, she had to sleep in the car! Haha! Finally we got out on the slopes and Bryan knocked out his tooth! He looks really really funny and will struggle with corn for a few weeks but he’s ok. The carpet lit on fire and everybody got scared but Uncle Mark put it out with my jacket.

Lisa, 13

Simply fantastic.



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