Short…and sweet

Short…and sweet

Hi there.

So why a LANGE girl? They have been a standard of beauty i looked up to since learning to wax my own skis, looking up at the posters in my dads shop. Beautiful talented girls who aren’t afraid to show their adoration for the sport. The Lange Girl is NOT a snow bunny, she is a hardcore shredder who can keep up with the boys and do it in style. She’s the life of the party, loves to meet new people and ski new places. She knows that Lange’s are the best and that’s why she wears them- even naked or in a bikini!

The question is not why I should be a Lange girl, but why shouldnt I be?!? I learned to ski at 3, shredding Bachelor with my dad, and was hitting gates by 5. I grew up in Langes, probably spent more time in them than in my sneaks. I set aside racing for college and freestyle skiing, but Im still wearing my Langes! I rep for my local mountain, Mt. Baker! Say it with me now, “Hella pow days.” I take the winters off from my studies to ski with my boys, and im not only pretty freaking adorable, I can rip!

Racing until college took my technical ability farther than other girls out there, and kept my body in the best shape possible. College helped me build style points to add to my bag of tricks. I can ski anything and look good at the end of the day. i think that sums it up.

Here are three reasons to pick me, they are as follows.
1. I have lots of experience with Lange boots, growing up a racer.
2. Im a pretty girl who can hang with the guys, on and off the slopes.
3. I ride K2 Hellbentz.

‘nuf said.


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