Session Update – Whos Coming When

Session Update – Whos Coming When

Windells Session Guest Appearances

Summer is only a few weeks away, what are your plans? The glacier up on Mt Hood is deeper than it has been in a billion years, and guess what Windells is planning to do with it? Windells will build the biggest jump Mt Hood has ever seen along with a “MASSIVE” Hip Jump. With that said, here is a little update of hot off the press news.

Pep Fujas and Chris Benchentler have confirmed their arrival to coach session 4 July 6th-13th. Pep and Chris will not just be hanging out at camp; they will be members of Windells’ coaching staff to help you learn all of the steezy tricks which they are so well known for. Plans are brewing to have an outdoor nimbus premier upon their arrival.

Tanner Hall will be coming during Session 2 to shoot the intro for his upcoming film project, “MASSIVE”. He will be filming on Mt. Hood’s biggest hip to date. Tanner cannot wait to ski Windells Private Terrain Park including the 8 new rails and boxes that RebBull so generously will be donating to the summer shred cause.

If you want to be a part of any of this, then act fast becase spots are limited. Aside from that, Mt Hood received 70 feet of snow this year, which broke a billion year record. This summer at Windells is going to be incredible. Visit www.windells.com for more info.

Windells Summer Sessions:

Session 1: June 3 – 13
Session 2: June 16 – 23
Session 3: June 26 – July 3
Session 4: July 6 – July 13
Session 5: July 16 – Jul 23
Session 6: July 26 – August 2
Session 7: August 5 – 11

Call 1-800-765-7669 to register. Don’t forget to request your favorite pro to be your personal coach!

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