See 7 banger photos from the October issue of Freeskier

See 7 banger photos from the October issue of Freeskier


The October issue of Freeskier is currently available on newsstands and via iTunes. While it’s making the rounds, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at the Epics photo gallery featured inside. For more on the seven images above, be sure to read each of the photographers’ blurbs below.

Image 1: Reuben Krabbe on Dave Treadway

“Shooting with Dave Treadway is always an adventure; you simply never shoot in places you expect to find good skiing. This inbounds spine leads to a near closeout with huge consequences, a line you have to ski with full confidence. Though it was the end of a big day of shooting he skied it with classic, coastal big-mountain style.”

Image 2: Erik Seo on John Ware

“Halfway through the season a twenty-year storm dropped three feet of snow along the Atlantic coast. But with the rain and warm air forecast for the East, and a storm possibly moving into Minnesota, Tom Wallisch, Tim McChesney, John Ware, Kyle Decker and I met up in Cleveland, Ohio, right in the middle. We weren’t sure where to go, so we waited to make a decision based on the weather. The forecast started out calling for a little rain, but not a deal breaker, so we hit I-90, headed east.

“Along the way we found ourselves in Pawtucket, RI and came across these angled I-beams with a slush pit for an in-run, next to a busy street. Not the best combination but since we were expecting a quick bust we figured we’d give it a go anyway. Either we’d get a shot quick and bounce, or we’d get kicked out quick. After one of the scariest looking falls I’ve seen in a long time, Ware got his trick and we moved on to feature three of the day.”

Image 3: Reuben Krabbe on Mark Drebit

“The very first ski photography competition I entered was wild, with road closures, insane avalanche conditions and frigid temperatures. I spent the week living in a van—many of the days I wasn’t warm until half a day of skiing was done. This photo is from 8 a.m. after a frozen night in the van. We tried for a sunrise park shoot, but a storm moved in, so we played on snow gun hills instead.”

Image 4: Oskar Enander on Wille Lindberg

“I fully tore my Achilles tendon in February, so my winter shooting season was very short. At the end of March, when I was still on crutches and far from recovered, I started to talk to Wille and a few other riders about trying to do a heli session around Haslital.

“The logistics were a bit different with my injury. I had to sit in the heli all the time, but it all turned out really well, much thanks to some great riding from Wille and the others.”

Image 5: Pally Learmond on Oscar Scherlin

“I’ve known Oscar for a few years now, but until this past winter our paths had only crossed at big park shoots and competitions. It was a welcome change to have him along on a Legs of Steel film trip to Davos, Switzerland and to see him bring his skills into the backcountry. Not only has he matured into a top guy to have around, but also I’ll admit his great work ethic had the whole crew surprised. His hunger to get as many shots in the couple of days he spent with us was infectious. He flaunted his natural ability by bagging several shots during two big booter sessions and with this big 360 on a natural step down that we hit late on one of the days. Everyone at LOS is stoked to have him on the crew and to shoot with him again next year.”

Image 6: Christopher Baldwin on Clayton Vila

“Clayton was on some shit this year. He’s on a mission to take our jobs. He filmed one of the best ski segments ever. He tells the filmers where to set up and films better than half of them. He edited his opening part for Stept Productions’ Mutiny. Next he is gonna be telling me where to put my strobes and hitting the timer as he drops. If the people at GoPro were to sponsor this kid we would never see him again except for in some rad edits online.”

Image 7: Wille-Petteri Mååtå on Oskari Raitanen

“Oskari is best known for his ability to ride rails. Less known is the fact that he is pretty damn good on jumps too. Gaps like this one in Estonia are no big deal for Oskari, even though the gap was quite big and the building used to be a morgue.”

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