2013′s best ski films: Read Freeskier’s review of Stept Productions’ “Mutiny”

2013′s best ski films: Read Freeskier’s review of Stept Productions’ “Mutiny”

MutinyI wrote a short blurb for the Stept Productions crew after watching Mutiny for the first time—the quote was to be used for some of their promotional materials, messaging, etc. It was as follows: “Mutiny is so f#cking good. Prepare yourself for mind-boggling urban stunts, gut-wrenching spills, a dramatic look at Stept’s unglamorous life on the road and a bit of comic relief along the way. Stept has upped the ante once again.”

So, there you have it—the short and sweet version, at least. To follow up, I’ll note this is Stept’s 13th season producing ski films. I’ve followed these guys from the start, and it’s been impressive to see them push their skiing and their production values to new heights, year after year. The feel of Mutiny is best described as raw. Cold nights, hiking stairs, avoiding the bust—these are things any skier with a knack for urban shredding can relate to. Where the Stept crew stakes its claim, however, is with high-consequence stunts; these guys follow a “guts or glory” mentality, as evidenced by multiple shots throughout the film showcasing surgeries—necessary repairs when you attack concrete the way these guys do. Standout performances come from Clayton Vila, who earned opening seg’; Sean J and that long hair of his; Shea Flynn, whose slams are as big as his bangers; and Cam Riley, who closes ‘er out with an assortment of “Wow”-inducing moments. For the urban enthusiast, Mutiny is a must-buy.


Website: steptproductions.com
Facebook: /Steptproductions
Twitter: @SteptNews
Instagram: @SteptProductions
Trailer Page: https://ow.ly/ojPMy
Runtime: 53 minutes
Get It Now: https://ow.ly/ojPZX

Official trailer:

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