Sarah Burke Preps for the X Games

Sarah Burke Preps for the X Games

As the Winter X Games kick off in Aspen, the girls here at ahlivv are getting super stoked to cheer on our favorite X Games competitor, ahlivv team skier Sarah Burke. I caught up with Sarah today in between her practice sessions, press conferences and designing her own Playstation Level. Yes, it’s safe to say that the Female Skier of the Year, Espy winner and two time X Games gold medalist Sarah Burke is one busy girl! But don’t be mistaken, all her extracurriculars have not gotten in the way of her focus on the mountain. Sarah’s locked and loaded for X Games Weekend, where she’ll be competing in both the SuperPipe and Slopestyle events! Check out what she had to say this afternoon…

How is pipe practice going this week? Pipe so far has been really good. I have been taking things really slow and just working my way up. We still have a number of training days left so I am sure it will all come together by Friday! I also have a couple new tricks in the bag so I am hoping that I get those working in my run.

I’m sure you will, and I can’t wait to see! So you’re involved in some super cool stuff at the X Games this year; tell us what you’ve been up to. Yeah I for sure have some fun things going on. Its been sooo busy already. I created a level for Playstation so you can go and play it online, just finished up with the press conference here and shooting a Tonight Show segment. Just a lot of interviews etc thrown into all the practice sessions!!

Sounds super busy, but fun. Well, we will be sure to check out your level in the Playstation tent, and the Tonight Show…so cool, give us a shout out! You were also just named Female Skier of the Year. That’s pretty sick..how does it feel to be given such a title. Oh its amazing. Its so nice to be recognized for something you worked so hard for. Definitely an honor!

I know you’ve worked super hard, and action sports have progressed so much. It has to feel awesome to be honored among your peers. You have a pretty solid track record at the X Games (understatement of course)…what do you have up your sleeve this year? A couple new tricks in the pipe so watch out. As for slopestyle, we shall see how that goes. Just working out the kinks!

OOOh, I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to. But, you’ve yet to disapoint us girl! I’m sure you’ll kill it in both events.

Good Luck Sarah! Wahooo!!!

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