San Juans get pounded with snow. Pow turns abound

San Juans get pounded with snow. Pow turns abound

        This past week Southern Colorado reported over four feet of fresh snow, begging to be explored. Monday night, we rounded up a posse that included Liam Downey and Tanner Rainville and left Summit County. Destination: Wolf Creek. We rolled into the town of South Fork and it was dumping. The stories we had heard from friends who had ventured down a day or two before us were not that of legend. South Fork sits a couple thousand feet below Wolf Creek and usually does not get a lot of snow, so we were totally stoked, knowing this meant the ski area was getting pounded.

Tuesday morning we awoke to a ridiculous amount of snow, lots of stoke and, unfortunately, closed roads. After about an hour that we killed by eating a hearty breakfast, the roads were open. Pulling up to the resort we were all blown away by the amount of snow. Things were literally buried and it was the scene that dreams are made of. We were pumped to get up there and make some pow turns. For the next two days Wolf Creek was a country club and we were the lucky few members.

Wolf Creek is a truly amazing mountain with light, deep snow and diverse terrain. Trees, cliffs, rock lines, glades… you name it, Wolf Creek has it. If you ever get the chance gather up some friends and head down to Wolf Creek, do so. Cheap lift tickets and a mellow vibe makes it one of the best places to slash light Colorado snow with your buds.



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