S*#! Freeskier Likes: ContourGPS

S*#! Freeskier Likes: ContourGPS

Just a few years ago it was a big break through in technology to have helmet cameras that were compact, affordable and durable. Today not only are they all the above, but now Contour is raising the bar with GPS. Yes, a Global Positioning System in your helmet cam.

We recently caught up with Marc Barros, CEO of Contour, and talked to him about the groundbreaking camera that Contour is offering. “Since we started our vision has always been to create tools for people to tell their story. We’ve found that video is one part of the story, but adding location makes your story rich by showing your run, speed, and elevation” Barros said.

Combining video and GPS Barros claims will help add to the story. “It’s about your location or where you went. Your video didn’t just happen on your city block, you went somewhere to ski and the location is just as important as the video. ” Barros states.

By means of an integrated GPS receiver, ContourGPS captures location once per second with near precise accuracy. The GPS data, along with HD footage, can then be edited using the new Contour Storyteller application and published to contour.com where Contour has a unique player that combines HD video with a map. “Our seamless camera-to-community experience is like combining The Flip, YouTube and Google maps together into one simple, easy to use product” Barros says.

Bringing all this technology together Barros has recognized that it is a “new form of storytelling” which he has dubbed “Video Mapping”. “The inclusion of GPS brings a whole new level of context to any video, making location, speed, time, and conditions as important as what you recorded.”

Add on top of all this the fact that it also shoots in high-definition -1080p video- and we think it is a pretty cool product. The spiffy ContourGPS also will not have you breaking your piggy bank or digging in-between the couch cushions. It is reasonably priced at $349.99.

For more on the new era of location-based video and the ContourGPS visit www.contour.com.

Check Out the Video HERE

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