Rossignol Ski Review

Rossignol Ski Review

Rossignol maintains its ever-recognizable “Scratch” name in nearly all of its freeride skis this year. The line, however, has experienced a full overhaul, complete with new and improved graphics to stand out in a crowd. And with a team full of the likes of Treadway, Sage and Candide – to name a few – who’s to doubt that Rossignol is still at the top of the game?

Bandit B104 Squad

Length: 189, 194
Dimensions: 130-104-117
MSRP: $980 Stoke: 8

The B104 is a serious big-mountain tool. The ski (in both lengths) “busts through everything” and “simply hauls ass.” But be forewarned, the 194 is for the strongest skiers only. “Too much for me,” commented one tester who felt that “the 189 was much better for my smaller size.” It’s true that the ’89 is “a bit easier to ski in all conditions” but don’t be fooled. It’s still designed for experts who know how to ski fast.

Bandit B100-Quad

Length: 154, 164, 174, 184
Dimensions: 130-100-120
MSRP: $930 Stoke: 8.5

While the biggest and meanest guys on the hill will want to ride the B104, the rest of us will be more than happy with the B100-Quad. More forgiving, more fun and more versatile than the 104, the 100 “handles well in broken snow” and “is stable at speed on groomed runs.” “Powerful and commanding, the ski is a blast” and “is really mobile in tight terrain.” This is Rossi’s go everywhere big-mountain tool.

Bandit B94

Length: 158, 168, 178, 185
Dimensions: 122-94-112
MSRP: $880 Stoke: N/A

Unfortunately our testers were so caught up skiing on the 104 and B100 that this ski didn’t get a stoke rating. That shouldn’t turn off fans of easy turning, predicable skis that can hold an edge at speed and cruise through powder. A few years ago we’d be calling any ski that clocked in at 94 underfoot fat, but times have changed. This is a ski for those who spend more time in-bounds than out, but who still like to poach private pow stashes on deep days.

Scratch Steeze

Length: 174, 185
Dimensions: 140-110-133
MSRP: $850 Stoke: 9.5

“An awesome ski, with the perfect flex for its width” and “really stable and fun, especially in the pow” describe the Steeze, which is Rossi’s top-of-theline backcountry jib offering for 2008. The Steeze features Rossi’s WRS (weight reduction system). The result is a ski that weighs less (800 grams in the case of the Steeze) and has more pop for kickers. It’s a serious ski that is seriously fun, making it one of our editor’s picks.

Scratch Brigade

Length: 171, 178, 185
Dimensions: 128-98-121
MSRP: $750 Stoke: 6

The Brigade sits in the grey area between a pure park offering and a backcountry jib ski. What that means for you is that this ski does everything fairly well, but true big-mountain skiers will quickly discover the Brigade’s shortcomings. Bigger, heavier testers found that the ski was “hard to turn in deep snow” and “got bounced around in the chop.” Lighter athletes liked how the ski was “easy to turn” and “was nice and soft, which I like.” How you will like this ski will depend on how hard you ski, and how much you weigh.

Scratch Girl BC

Length: 140, 150, 160, 170
Dimensions: 120-90-113
MSRP: $550 Stoke: 8.5

One of the top women’s skis available for 2008, the Scratch Girl BC is built around Rossi’s F.I.T core. This women-specific core combines two types of wood wrapped in a special fiberglass torsion box. The flex of the ski gets softer in shorter lengths. In addition, the core is exceptionally light, meaning the ski is easier to turn and more fun. Does it work? Our testers think so. “A great all-mountain ski” and “lively and responsive” are two of the accolades.

Scratch Ghetto

Length: 167, 174, 181
Dimensions: 116-84-109
MSRP: $630 Stoke: 8
Jumps: 8 Pipe: 8
Playfulness: 8 All-Mtn: 7.5

“They felt like my favorite pair of kicks – just dying to get out of the closet and start rollin’,” said one tester. The Ghetto is a “huge step up from the ‘FS’ of old” said another. The Ghetto utilizes the Weight Reduction System (WRS) that was developed with the help of Candide Thovex. Essentially, the WRS has strands of fiber that run tip to tail with a higher concentration under the foot. This allows for reduced weight in the tip and tail giving the ski an even flex pattern, increased durability and added pop in the pipe and on jumps.

Scratch Bling

Length: 160, 170, 176, 182
Dimensions: 120-88-113
MSRP: $550 Stoke: 7
Jumps: 8 Pipe: 7
Playfulness: 8 All-Mtn: 7

The Bling is one of Rossignol’s price point offerings that transitions easily from backcountry to park, thanks to its fairly neutral dimensions. It incorporates many of Rossignol’s traditional technologies, including slanted sidewalls and shock absorbers in the tip and tail. It is heavier than the Ghetto, but our testers felt that this ski is a great value.

Scratch Girl FS

Length: 138, 148, 158, 168
Dimensions: 110-80-103
MSRP: $480 Stoke: 9
Junps: 9 Pipe: 8
Playfulness: 7 All-Mtn: 9

The Girl FS was a hit with our women testers. Rossignol found the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility to please our ladies in the park and cruising the rest of the mountain, as well. Their women-specific flex pattern uses looser fiberglass weaves wrapped around their poplar and fume wood core creating a softer flex that was clearly a hit with our testers.


Length: 138, 148, 158, 168
Dimensions: 110-80-103
MSRP: $400 Stoke: 7
Jumps: 5 Pipe: 5
Playfulness: 9.5 All-Mtn: 9

Another price-point ski from Rossignol, the Trixie features the same dimensions as the Girl FS without some of the more advanced technology. Perfect for the beginner jibber or girl who wants to ski
comfortably around the entire mountain. Women on a tight budget can purchase these lovely ladies, including a boot and binding made to compliment the Trixie, for under $500.

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