Rolland Qualifies 1st At Dew Tour Pipe [VIDEO]

Rolland Qualifies 1st At Dew Tour Pipe [VIDEO]

After the Men's Slopestyle Prelims had ended, it was barely a moments notice before Superpipe prelims got underway. The sun that had blessed the slopestyle only graced the superpipe for practice, then milked over in an dramatic way for the actual prelims. But when the snow had settled, Kevin Rolland stood atop the qualifiers, with Justin Dorey in second and Kevin's fellow Frenchman Thomas Krief in third.

Torin Yater-Wallace

Rolland utilized his signature amplitude and pipe double 900 mute grab to anchor his run. After that he went alley oop flatpsin 360 to switch 900 to switch right 720 to 1260 to alley oop 720. Kevin's second run was poised to be higher with a double cork 1260 in place of the normal 1260, unfortunately, Rolland didn't stomp. Justin Dorey, who had fallen on his double cork 1260 first run was feeling pressure going into his final try. But the second time around, the double cork 1260 came together, which was followed by an alley-oop flatpsin 360 to switch 900 to switch right 720 to 900. in third, Thomas Krief also brought out the pipe double flip 900. An Alley-oop flatpsin 360, switch 720, back-to-back 900s, a flare and his alley-oop flatspin 540 shifty finished things off for the young Frenchman.

Mike Riddle

The fourth spot belonged to Noah Bowman whose big pipe double flip 900, alley-oop flatspin 360, switch 720 and 900s led him to the first Dew Tour final of the year. Local Breck rider Duncan Adams was the highest finisher without a double flip, using the same run that won him Open Qualifiers on Wednesday. Rightside 540 to alley oop 360 to switch right 540 to switch 720 to right 720 to switch straight air to switch alley-oop 720.

In sixth place is 15-year-old Torin "Tater Tot" Yater-Wallace. Young Torin easily boosted the highest of anyone today, his small frame up spinning and flipping in the air. His massive flare to alley-oop flatpsin 540 to 900 was easily the loftiest combo of the day. Expect big things from Wallace in tomorrow's finals. Walter Wood took the seventh spot by taking a new route and starting his run off with a big air-to-fakie and switch alley-oop flatpsin 720 combo. Eight place belonged to Mike Riddle and his double cork 1260, back-to-back 900s, alley-oop flat 360 bwarrow, and switch 720. And rounding out the qualifiers was Byron Wells who was the only competitor to drop a switch 1080, let alone start his run off with it. What followed was classic Byron, boosty back-to-back 900s, lofty 540s and a couple alley-oop flatspin variations. This Breckenridge pipe is completely new to all competitors, in shape, size and location. Some big names went in guns blazing, only to have their hopes dashed. Tucker Perkins, who went massive all day, throwing pipe double flip 900s, couldn't put a clean run together. Dan Marion also utilized the pipe double flip 900, but was just edged out by Wells. David Wise showed a lot of promise in practice, only to unfortunately unravel in his two runs. Matt Margetts and Tyler Peterson both put together technical runs, with bothways spins and switch hits, but the judges were looking for a bit more amplitude. Peter Olenick, nursing a knee surgery still, put down solid tricks and solid amplitude, despite the rehab. Joss Christensen, subbing for an absent Matt Duhamel, executed back-to-back switch 900s and 540s.

Gus Kenworthy

While the Superpipe swallowed up promising runs today, tomorrow brings two new runs for the nine qualifiers and the three super-qualified: Jossi Wells, Simon Dumont and Xavier Bertoni. Check in tomorrow for the Men's and Women's Superpipe finals recap.

Men's Superpipe Prelims: 
1. Kevin Rolland — 90.50
2. Justin Dorey — 88.50
3. Thomas Krief — 86.25
4. Noah Bowman — 85.50
5. Duncan Adams — 83.75
6. Torin Yater-Wallace — 82.25
7. Walter Wood — 80.00
8. Mike Riddle — 79.50
9. Byron Wells — 77.00
– – – Cut Off – – –
10. Dan Marion — 76.25
11. Tucker Perkins — 72.00
12. Joss Christensen — 71.00
13. David Wise — 70.00
14. Matt Margetts — 62.25
15. Tyler Petersen — 60.50
T-16. Taylor Seaton — 59.00
T-16. Gus Kenworthy — 59.00
18. Rob Heule — 54.25
19. Peter Olenick — 50
20. Sean Collin — 49.75
21. Mitch Gilman — 46.00
22. Banks Gilberti — 36.75
23. AJ Kemppainen — 9.00

Joss Christensen


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