Road Trippin to DEW Day 3: Aspen/Snowmass and The Sky Hotel

Road Trippin to DEW Day 3: Aspen/Snowmass and The Sky Hotel

The first Freeskier Magazine road trip of the year started off Day 3 much as it had ended Day 2: tired and driving on less than optimal roads. But after a quick 3.5 hours, the team made it to Aspen, CO to Visit a small sampling of what Aspen/Snowmass resorts have to offer.

Aspen Mountain

Arriving a bit late in the day, the crew wasted no time in getting up on the hill and seeing what Ajax has to offer us. In some places the snow is more than waist high, thus filling everyone with hopes that tomorrow’s riding at Aspen Highlands will be phenomenal.

The Sky Hotel

And where does one stay when in Aspen? Why, the Sky Hotel of course. This ultra posh and hip hotel lobby became the set for shooting Road Trip commentary, much to the chargin of certain employees. But after a numerous warnings, 1 Argentinian interuption and a number of laughs, the crew wrapped up day 3 of first Freeskier road trip of the year…en route to the Winter Dew Tour.

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