Road Trip Challenge: Team Salomon Q&A

Road Trip Challenge: Team Salomon Q&A

For the past two weeks, Team Salomon has been driving around the East Coast, completing challenges for the first annual Freeskier Magazine Road Trip Challenge. They’ve suffered the loss of team member Andrew Hathaway to an unfortunate rail injury. Thankfully Andrew is home and well. He has been replaced by East Coast native, Willis Brown. At the Vermont Open, I caught up with Team Salomon’s Mike Clarke and conducted the following Q&A. Keep in mind the teams are trying to deceive one another and some answers may be intended to mislead the other team.

1. First off, Tell us a little bit about the Freeskier Magazine Road Trip Challenge?

This has been a long week and a half so far. We’ve been constantly driving in circles it seems, hitting up an assortment of hot tubs around the northeast. So far the Hathaway’s tub has been the most pristine, consisting of various exotic lights, waterfalls, and an enhanced musical experience.

2. What’s it been like traveling with 3 other dudes in a small SUV?

Numerous conflicts have arose, hundreds of McDonalds meals have been eaten, and the Hathaway’s Thule even flew off the top of the car while traveling at a great velocity. Currently we’ve been upgraded from Andrew’s Jeep SUV to Karen’s glorious mini-van which lays home to automatic opening doors and dvd players. We couldn’t be anymore pleased.

3. How have the challenges been so far in terms of difficulty?

We really haven’t been doing many challenges. Our days usually are filled with relaxing in the hot tub and eating delicious home cooked meals concocted by Karen Hathaway. Congrats team Volkl because we haven’t been doing anything for the last two weeks. We spent some time at Waterville as you already know, simply free skiing and really not trying to complete many of the challenges.

4. How has the loss of Andrew Hathaway affected your team?

It was definitely difficult. I think it affected the team the most mentally. Seeing such a good friend go down made it even harder to get motivated and go out. I think we stepped up and still managed to git ‘er done in the hot tub. Also, it gave Sam a chance to lose even more points during the poker game. He’s really good. How are those milkshakes Sammy? With that being said, hope you get better speedy quick Andy cause we’re missing you on the road. Love.

5. How is Will Brown adjusting to life on the road?

Well he hasn’t really been traveling with us that much. He’s mostly been spending his time hitch-hiking rather than actually driving with us. But, he definitely has been getting stuff done and stepped up to the challenge. He’s an excellent fisherman.

6. How many points does your team have?

20 give or take.

7. Complete the following sentences:

Team Salomon is – BALLIN

The East Coast is – awful

During this trip I’ve learned – Sam doesn’t like rain or normal food, strictly milkshakes

The worse part of this trip is – poker

Matt Harvey is – attractive.

Team Volkl is – winning

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