On The Road With Nate Abbott: Checking In From Snowy Montana

On The Road With Nate Abbott: Checking In From Snowy Montana


"Hey, I was watching you up there today." says Rick before pausing. And our hearts drop. Rick, you see, is the guy providing us rental snowmobiles here in the Montana backcountry. And we're in the middle of checking our sleds from our day out ripping around in 15 or so inches of fresh snow. The first thoughts are, "were we doing something wrong? Did he see us wrecking a sled? But we were being so careful." But then Rick adds, "that was so cool." And it's clear he was directing his excited statement at Bobby Brown. He continues and tells us he saw a double flatspin, stomped, on Bobby's third hit of the day.

Bobby is here in Montana filming with Poorboyz Productions and aside from our crew shooting, Rick wasn't the only one to come watch. We stopped over to say hi to the Level 1 crew—Adam Delorme, Parker White, Wiley Miller, Kyle Decker and Freedle Coty—also staying in this tiny town, and they showed us a note from one of their friends saying he saw Bobby go down on a new trick attempt. And a couple groups of slednecks stopped by to have a bite to eat and watch Bobby getting radical on the big kicker.

"I bet that's the scariest part for that guy," said one member of the snowmobile group as Johnny Decesare was doubling Bobby straight up a massive bowl to jump off at the top of his in-run. And without a doubt it was.

With only one real sunny day, there has been a lot of waiting and poking around in the whiteouts. But there is definitely a lot of snow. And a lot of desire to jump.

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