On The Road With Nate Abbott: Road Trip, Photos and Words From Cooke City

On The Road With Nate Abbott: Road Trip, Photos and Words From Cooke City


Words and photos by Nate Abbott

One last blast of winter is all I want. And I need it. Bad. So with word of major storms kicking their way across most of the west I took off on a whim. Only one athlete and one filmer, but even so with the chance to meet Johnny Deceare of Poorboyz and Bobby Brown in stormy Montana I was off.

As I left, logistics had robbed me of my own snowmobile, but park shoots and other opportunities let me know that I had to throw in enough gear in my car to possibly stay on the road until May. A road trip like this requires stamina, mostly in dealing with the behind the scenes BS and downtime that come with Spring.

Check out the full photo gallery.

First off, weather, because even if it snows (and it snowed most of the way here) warm spring can turn a big storm into a big mess of mashed potatoes.

Second, Spring (filming) fever since guys who finally finish their contest season will come out of the woodwork trying to scrape together shots for the magazines and a film segment as a last gasp for their season.

Third, my own hunger to finish the season strong and fill any holes in my catalog for the year. And finally, the vagaries of park shoot season from jump building‹notoriously time consuming and behind schedule‹to evil weather systems bringing clouds, rain and the occasional freak late-season snow.

But prepared I am. And alone. Writing by the light of a Coors Light neon and sound of dripping water in an empty hotel lobby, I have all the tools and determination to make it through to May, which hopefully holds beaches, cities, culture and new opportunities. Hopefully the stars peaking through a breaking storm mean that tomorrow Bobby will be hitting a jump under clear

If it doesn't work out tomorrow, it will be the next day. And if not then the day after that. Any way you count it, I'm ready. And Johnny is ready. And Bobby is (al)ready (in bed, probably dreaming of flips and spins put right to his feet).

And here's some audible stimulation that kept me alert for the first part of my road trip through spring:

On the Road – Jack Kerouac
Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

The Gaudy Side of Town – Gayngs
In tha Park ft. Black Thought – Ghostface Killer
City with no Children – The Arcade Fire
Days ft. Romy Madley Croft – Creep
I'm New Here – Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX
Understand at All – Cloud Nothings
Get Around -Vicki Leekx
I Can't Feel – Matthew Dear
Tithe – Menomena
Who You Gonna Run To? – Solid Gold 

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Check out the full photo gallery.

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