On The Road With Nate Abbott: A Collaboration

On The Road With Nate Abbott: A Collaboration


A quick note 'cause I'm actually on the road.

We did get one sunny day in Montana. Leaving the hotel with Bobby Brown we were rushing to shoot since a forecast of mostly cloudy and an 80 percent chance of snow had turned into full on bluebird. We skied, shot and hung out with the Level 1 crew all day which made it just that much more perfect. Wiley Miller skied a line into a big windlip right above a jump Bobby was hitting so I snagged the flat 360 picture in this gallery. And although Bobby and the Poorboyz crew left town, Kyle Decker (Level 1 filmer) and Adam Delorme invited me to stick around.

I got out with Kyle and Adam for a few days—a little shooting and a lot of shredding for me. I can say it was some of the deepest and best powder of the year. And it's so rare I get to shred while I'm shooting so I'm extra greatful to the guys. A big storm rolled in 3 days ago right as we were finishing two never before hit jumps of the most epic proportions. But it came in fast and warm and yesterday, with rain falling in town, I decided to pull the plug.

I'd love to wait for the proverbial reset and colder temps this weekend. But my wanderlust got me, so I'm getting started on a 16 hour drive to Lake Tahoe to hook up with Nick Martini. Hit me on twitter today (@nabbott) so I can be entertained when I stop for gas, food and new underwear from Target since I haven't been able to do laundry—I'm definitely going to be bored.

Check out the full photo gallery.

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