A Real Colorado Skibunny

A Real Colorado Skibunny

Raised in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and where Lange originally started, snow has been my life. I live for the moments being waste deep in powder with massive snowflakes falling all around me. My favorite run of all time is the Pallavicini , never gets old. Always making sure I never leave the mountain without learning something new, even if it means leaving with an injury. I’ve always been a snow sports enthusiast and look forward to the next Macconky turn. I really enjoy going fast 😉
I am a legal drug dealer aka bartender, Jameson just tastes so good when it hits your lips. My other passion in life is photography, it would be a dream job to be an action sports photographer in the winter time. I am short, sassy, classy and I can beat some ass!
I have always admired the Lange girls every year, and had an opportunity to play around in a studio with a photographer friend of mine and I chose to rock my ski boots in celebration of the 2009 -2010. I never intended to enter the pictures with Lange but convinced by a friend.

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