Read: Q&A with the inaugural Slvsh Cup champion, Evan McEachran

Read: Q&A with the inaugural Slvsh Cup champion, Evan McEachran

Recently, the folks over at The Slvsh held the company’s first-ever Slvsh Cup. The idea was to invite eight top-guns from the freeski world and pit them head-to-head in games of Slvsh. Hosting the inaugural contest was Perisher Resort, down in Australia, where the snow conditions are favorable and—forgive the pun—slushy. After names like Henshaw, Wallisch and Wells battled it out, a winner was finally crowned: Canada’s Evan McEachran. Watch the game and see what the 18-year-old Ontario-native had to say about the tournament, below.

Watch: The inaugural Slvsh Cup finals.

Shay Williams: How does it feel to win the Slvsh Cup?

Evan McEachran: It feels awesome. I definitely surprised myself by learning some new tricks during the rounds, and am super happy with the outcome. I think together we all produced some cool new content for freeskiing, and I couldn’t be happier to be the winner of the first Slvsh Cup.

What did you think of the idea of the Slvsh Cup before heading to Australia?

I thought it was really cool. It gives us a variation of how we are used to skiing in slopestyle contests, bringing out more unique variations of tricks that you don’t see all the time. It’s also a great way to showcase each skier’s bag of tricks, and how well they can adapt to learning a new trick in the moment.

Who were you most worried about having to play against?

Definitely Tom Wallisch. He’s got such a deep bag of tricks and is known for his technicality and consistency. At the same time, going into the game against Tom I was less worried about the outcome, simply knowing I got to ski against one of my idols was pretty cool.

What were your thoughts going into the first game against Russ [Henshaw]? He had home court advantage.

That was also a pretty nerve-racking game. I had been seeing clips of Russ slaying Perisher’s park through the whole Australian winter season leading to the Cup, but I just tried to focus on the factors that I can control, like my skiing.


McEachran, shot by McEachran.

Slvsh stated it was the longest and most insane game ever played. What were you thinking as the game continued?

Yeah, it was crazy. The game lasted for probably five-and-a-half hours without any breaks. We were both getting pretty crazy on some of the rail setups, so [I was] really excited for people to see the game. I was getting extremely tired by the end, but simply tried to keep my composure and set technical tricks through the rail lines, which are hard to land consistently, especially when you’re tired.

How has Perisher terrain park been? Both for the Cup and just shredding around?

I think Perisher’s park was perfect for the Cup; it had a plethora of rail options, sick jumps, a quarter pipe and a halfpipe, so it definitely allowed for us to test our abilities on different kinds of features.

What was the most fun game to spectate?

For me, I didn’t really get much time to spectate. Every day that a game was being filmed I was a part of one as well.

Who would you like to see play a game? And who would you like to play next?

I would love to see Henrik Harlaut play in a game. He is super creative with all the aspects in his skiing, and I’d love to see what he could come up with. I’m not too sure who I’d like to play next, but I’m up for suggestions.

What do you think was the hardest trick you had to do all contest?


Photo by Shay Williams.

There were a couple for me: In my game against Russ I had to do an 810 onto a pretty small gap-to-down rail, and in my game against Laker I had to try a double cork 9—an axis that I hadn’t done before while the light was super flat.

How does that winner’s jacket feel?

It’s sick! I love the idea of having a unique one-off Slvsh jacket made for the winner of each Cup.

Where would you like to see the next Cup played?

I would like to see the next one played entirely in a halfpipe or off-piste, I think that’d be unique and super cool.

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