Poll: Who is the top Level 1 Superunknown “loser” of all time?

Poll: Who is the top Level 1 Superunknown “loser” of all time?

Level 1 began its Superunknown contest in 2004, and since then we’ve seen hundreds of amazing video submissions from talented skiers around the world. While the winners of the contest have gone on to enjoy much success, many of those who didn’t take top honors have also graduated to bigger and better things. From award-winning film segments to X Games medals and Olympic appearances, Superunknown has been instrumental in catapulting aspiring pro skiers into the public eye. In honor of Superunknown XI finals, which get underway this week at the Summit-at-Snoqualmie, we’ve compiled some statistics about past Superunknown losers.

Take a look at our picks, watch their Superunknown edits and then vote on your favorite Superunknown finalist below.

Superunknown Stats

iF3 Award winners: 4 (Dadali, Bellemare, Vila, Fostvedt)
FREESKIER Skier of the Year nominations: 3 (Dadali, Fostvedt, Vila)
Major film appearances: 16 (Beaulieu-Marchand, Dadali, Bellemare, Laker, Logan, Vila, Fostvedt, Strenio, Morello, Bergeron, Boville, Jordan, Lee, Milbocker, McChesney, Berman)
Olympic appearances: 1 (Beaulieu-Marchand)
X Games gold medals: 1 (Williams)
AFP Platinum event medalists: 3 (Beaulieu-Marchand, Bellemare, Williams)
Level 1 film appearances: 9 (Dadali, Bellemare, Logan, Strenio, Boville, Lee, Milbocker, McChesney, Berman)
Level 1 opening segments: 1 (Dadali)
Level 1 closing segments: 2 (Dadali, Logan)
Freeskier Magazine covers: 2 (Dadali, Morello)
Freeskier’s Road Trip Challenge participants: 4 (Dadali, Jordan, Vila, Compton)
Annual invitational event hosts: 2 (Boville, Jordan)
Current web series stars: 3 (Dadali, Compton, Logan)

*List compiled based on entries currently available to view online.

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Superunknown Entries:

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand

Ahmet Dadali

Alex Bellemare

Chris Laker

Chris Logan

Clayton Vila

Ian Compton

Karl Fostvedt

LJ Strenio

Max Morello

McRae Williams

Paul Bergeron

Sandy Boville

Sean Jordan

Shay Lee

Spencer Milbocker

Tim McChesney

Will Berman

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