Q&A Wednesday with Justin Dorey

Q&A Wednesday with Justin Dorey

Halfpipe skiing has been generating a lot of buzz lately and right in the middle of it is Justin Dorey. Dorey is an exceptional pipe skier, JOSS champion, Canadian Halfpipe Team rider and and is ready to blow minds this season as he focuses more on filming and showcasing his all around snow sliding abilities.

Freeskier recently caught up with Dorey and talked to him about the recent IOC decision, pre season training and future of pipe skiing. Check it out!

Q&A Wednesday

How have you been? Whats new in the life of Mr. Dorey? Besides skiing and training, have you been indulging in any vacations or other fun activities recently?

Life’s good. I’m actually just in the Toronto airport flying back from Baltimore. I was there for some Under Armour meetings about the new gear, which looks so sick! The stuff gets better and better every season. But, other than my Baltimore trip I have been straight chillin out in the Squamish/Whistler area. Been riding my bike a lot and basically just having some chill time before this season starts. 

What are you doing to stay in shape until the season starts?

I’m just being as active as I can, wether that means mountain biking, jumping on the tramp, or going to the gym. I’m not a huge fan of going to the gym, so I just bought a bunch of rubber bands and work out equipment for my home so I can get after it whenever I want.

Going back in time a little, How was New Zealand?

We probably had under 10 days of skiing in NZ in the 4 weeks we were there because of bad weather and the pipe being closed. So in that sense it was frustrating to say the least, in fact I might not go back there next year after how little skiing we got in this year. When we did shred though we made the most of it.

Even though mother nature didn’t cooperate, did you walk away with a few new tricks to add to your already impressive arsenal?

I have never learned so many new tricks in so little time as I did this summer in NZ. So, despite the lack of days in the pipe, the trip went better than I could have imagined. A big part of why it went so well down there was the crew I was skiing with. Every day they helped get me pumped up to try new shit (Margetts, Riddle, Roz, Simon, Rob Heule, and the Frenchies).

Where do you see pipe skiing going the next few years? Will we see more double variations, switch riding, etc?

Pipe skiing is going to get pretty intense over the next few years. You will be seeing a lot of new doubles and hopefully some new axis’ that haven’t even been done before. It’s really important that we stay creative with our run choices though.

Sticking with pipe skiing what do you think about the recent news from the IOC? Delaying the decision of accepting pipe skiing into the Olympics yet another year, seems a bit absurd huh? 

Yeah, its a bummer that they delayed the official announcement but I’m not to worried about it. I’m confident that we’ll be there in 2014 so it doesn’t change anything. I’m just gonna keep doing my thing and stick to the game plan.

Enough about pipe skiing, tell us what you have planed for the upcoming season?  

I’d like to get a couple pow trips in but we’ll see what happens with that. Under Armour has hired Mike Clarke to be their filmer this season, so I’d like to spend as much time as I can shooting with him. Clarke is the man and I think we are going to be able to bring something new to the table this year. We’ve already had some pretty crazy ideas for shoots. 

What’s one goal you have for the upcoming season?

A real big goal for me this year is to film more. I haven’t filmed a segment in years, so its about time I get back on that shit!

Lastly, everyone is dying to know. Is having Trennon as your coach like learning karate from Mr. Miyagi?

[Laughs] Trent Miyagi. I like that. 

Any shout outs?

Big thanks to Under Armour, Monster, CoreUPT, Giro, Nordica (boots), Kombi, Skullcandy, Swix, and all my homies, family, and GF.


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