Jonah Williams

Q&A: His name is Jonah Williams and he’s the 2015 Superunknown champion

Q&A: His name is Jonah Williams and he’s the 2015 Superunknown champion

Now that you’ve won, you’ll be filming with Level 1. What do you think is in store for you guys?

They are currently headed up to Whistler for a park shoot, which I am unable to attend. But I’m planning to go on as many trips as I can next season. I don’t know what they have planned yet, but I’m excited for what’s in store.

How many hot dates have you gotten since claiming your victory?

[Laughs] I’ve had two or three new “Insta-stalkers” lurking around the social media airways, so that’s exciting.

What are you summer plans?

I’ll be coaching at Windells in Mt. Hood most of the summer. Once that’s over, I’ll cruise down to northern California and visit my Dad and other family in the area. I’ll try to stay moving from place to place, seeing the sights and living the life. Shoutout to my car “Jewelz” for keepin’ on.

That sounds awesome. Team FREESKIER will be in Hood during Session Five at Windells (July 27 – August 3). See you there, bud.

Sounds awesome. I’ll see you guys on the hill.

Moving on. Where do you see yourself in five years?

That’s a tough question. Ideally, I want to have a pretty good name built for myself in the ski industry through movie parts and online videos. Other than that, I want to keep progressing as a person; being aware and remembering who you are is pretty important to me. It’s easy to forget your roots and get lost in things that don’t represent you. I also want to be a killer guitar player, music is a nutritious part of a balanced breakfast.

Across the industry, which skier is doing things the best in your eyes?

Honestly, any skier that is doing it purely for the love is killing it. Skiing is fun, so I love seeing dudes and ladies that do it because it’s fun. Keep the good vibes rolling.

Level 1’s Superunknown Part 2

Any words of wisdom for future Superunknown contestants?

Yes. Be yourself and enjoy the good times while they last. Also, ski your heart out, it’s worth it.

Final thoughts?

Shouts out to all my friends and family for the love and support throughout the years. Also, shout out to my sponsors for being down to help a kid out: Saga, Salomon, Stash Ski Poles, Dragon Alliance, Snogression and Mark Kogelmann with Soulryders.

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