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[Q&A] Henrik Harlaut on his newest sponsor, hair-do, the upcoming season and more

[Q&A] Henrik Harlaut on his newest sponsor, hair-do, the upcoming season and more

Let me guess: When you think of Henrik Harlaut you think Wu-Tang Clan, nose butter triple corks, waist-long dreadlocks, XXL hockey jerseys and a cheeky smile that stretches from ear-to-ear. Harlaut, known as “E-Dollo” among the freeskiing world, is undeniably one of the most stylish skiers in the game. From massive terrain park features to high consequence street spots, and big backcountry booters, Harlaut displays his unmatched creativity and confidence at all times. Throughout his career thus far, the Swede has captured multiple X Games medals, produced incredible film segments, competed in the Winter Olympics, created one of the most progressive competitions in skiing—the B&E Invitational—and so much more.

Today, Harlaut is proud to announce his new partnership with the Slytech Protection family. We caught up with E-Dollo this morning to get the scoop on his new sponsor, the upcoming shred season, his new hair-do and much more. Get the scoop below.

The Q&A:

Hey there, E-Dollo. How are you doin’, man? Where are you right now?

I’m doing awesome, thank you. I’ve had a great summer. I just skied for the first time in four months last week in Tignes, France for the GFS Camp and right now I’m at the airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m waiting to board my last flight to El Calafate where I’m gonna go ski for the next two and a half weeks.

That’s certainly good to hear. After a scary crash at X Games—where you broke your collarbone—how does it feel to be shredding again?

It could not feel any better. Physically and mentally I think I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. I’m just overall really happy and stoked on all opportunities that life is bringing me everyday so that I am able to ski as much as possible.

Took the scariest hit yet today. Thank you everyone for all the lovely vibes and support! Be back soon!

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After missing X Games big air last year due to injury, are you focused on obtaining another gold medal in 2016?

No doubt. I had a lot of new tricks ready for big air last year but wasn’t able to showcase them. Hopefully I’ll get invited back to X Games so I can try more big, fun, new, crazy, wicked runs. I can’t wait to show my strength, pride and power next year.

Any big plans for the upcoming season?

Phil Casabon and I are currently working on a two-year movie that will release next fall. I missed out on a lot of filming last year so I’m really excited to get out there and do it again with my brother [from another mother]. Besides filming and a few other competitions, I’ll of course be doing the B&E Invitational.

The B&E Invitational is undoubtedly one of the most innovative contests in skiing. What can we expect to see at this year’s event?

Everything is going to be bigger and better. The course will be even more wicked than before. As always, it’s going to be awesome for the riders and the spectators. The third edition will be held March 11-12, 2016 in Les Arcs [France]. You can expect a lot more air and tranny, as well as new skatepark-inspired features. The event will be also have a musical performance tied to it. I have to stay quiet about that for the moment, but you can expect big things.

#skilife ???? sequence freeski @beinvitational

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Speaking of music, you’re pretty much an honorary member of the Wu-Tang Clan. That is pretty badass. Have you been chilling with those guys lately?

[Laughs] I wouldn’t call myself a member, but I’ve had the luck and been blessed enough to meet up with them lately during their European tour. They’ve all showed incredible love for me. I can’t thank them enough for that.

That’s what’s up. You recently got your driver’s license. What type of car are you rollin’ in these days?

Yeah, I didn’t get my license last summer ’cause I wasn’t spending enough time in Sweden in order to get it. I’m rollin’ in a 2007 Chevy Silverado when I’m in America and a 1986 325ix BMW when I’m in Europe. I’m so hyped on them, they have been my dream cars.

Dream come true! BMW 325ix 1986 ???? #bmw

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You also cut a significant amount of your hair this summer. How’s that feel?

It feels light, fast, sharp and swift.

Rumors have stirred about you having dread-lock extensions at one point. Can you confirm whether or not that’s true?

[Laughs] That is a false statement but my hair does grow really, really fast. My friends have different theories about why, but I would never roll with fake hair.

Congratulations on signing with Slytech Protection. Did your injury last season have any influence on partnering with a protection company?

Thank you. Nah, the injury didn’t necessarily sway me to partner with Slytech. I’ve actually worn back protectors since I was six years old. I feel most comfortable wearing them, but never had a protection sponsor that supported me, but now with Slytech I do, and I’m so stoked. I definitely have had some thoughts about how to make back protection cooler than it’s looked upon right now. The guys behind the brand are awesome and very excited about all fun ideas I’ve brought, so it should be a fun road ahead.

When do you find yourself using a back protector?

Pretty much every occasion on-hill. From competition to everyday skiing.

Henrik Harlaut, Slytech Protection

Photo by David Malacrida

For all of the wary folks out there, do you ever find that back protectors are uncomfortable?

Definitely not. They keep you warm on top of being safe and comfortable.

Which model do you like the most?

It depends on what I’m doing, but I wear both the new Backpro NOSHOCK Naked and the Shorts Multipro XT. Also, when I’m cruising and having an easy day, the new SLYTECHone Naked is awesome.

The Slytech team is pretty stacked. How does it feel to be a part of the family?

It feels great. A good team is key. It makes everything a lot better, more legit and more fun.

Final thoughts?

I’d like to give thanks to everyone showing me love and support. Much love to my family, friends, fans, sponsors and supporters.

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