Profile: Sean Jordan talks skiing in summer, the upcoming season and the ideal date

Profile: Sean Jordan talks skiing in summer, the upcoming season and the ideal date



Sean Jordan may be from Pennsylvania, but unlike his mates of state Jon Brogan and Tom Wallisch, he didn’t win Level 1’s Superunknown contest to get noticed. He did however put together a solid film résumé in his mid teen years, filming with Meathead and Stept before really breaking out this past winter with the standout segment in Weight as well as shots in PBP’s The Grand Bizarre all that while balancing high school.

So now that he’s a graduate, free to roam the ski world, expectations are big for the young shredder with the fabulous hair.



WHAT’S YOUR HOME MOUNTAIN, BIG BOULDER, LIKE? After school every day, I would cruise up. It’s about 40 minutes away. I skied with Brogan most of my Big Boulder career. They have their own little freestyle team, and it’s actually the second DC Mountain Lab, so they’re really park oriented. It’s a little mountain, and they’ve got five parks, so it’s pretty sick. Their weekday schedule is 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.—they don’t even open ’til three! We just get to hang out and ski at night.

DID YOU DO OTHER SPORTS GROWING UP? I played basketball year-round for three or four years before I had to quit for skiing. And I also played soccer until sophomore year. I’d probably be playing basketball full time if I wasn’t skiing—it is so fun. I played on an AAU team and all that.

YOU KIND OF HAVE BIEBER HAIR. DOES IT GET YOU THE LADIES? Yeah. I’m gonna say yeah. I’m not gonna beat around the bush. If I cut my hair, I wouldn’t get many ladies. Wait, who told you about the Bieber hair though? Cody Carter is the only other person before you who’s called me Bieber. Every time he’s like, “Bieber, what’s up?”

300_jordan.jpgSO TAKE US THROUGH THE ULTIMATE DATE NIGHT WITH SEAN J. Oh, well she could pick me up in her car so I don’t have to drive and pay for gas. And then we can do whatever you would like ’cause I’m an easy guy to get along with. I can’t even believe you just asked me that. A date? I don’t even go on dates. That’s insane. I just go out to eat. That’s a fun thing to do with girls.

DO YOU HAVE CONTEST ASPIRATIONS FOR THIS SEASON? I definitely do, but they’re pretty much fulfilled by Dew Tour. I do Dew Tour every year and do mediocre, but somehow get prequalified to do it again. I want to get out and compete, but I also want to film segments with Stept and Poor Boyz. I want to be in the competition scene, but I don’t want it to wrap up my entire season, and I don’t want to be stressing it too much. I just go and do it for fun. I enjoy competing, but it’s not my life. It’s another part of skiing.

WHAT DID YOU DO THIS SUMMER? I did the “Summer School” series with K2 out at Mt. Hood all summer. Pretty much every day we were up there filming for that. I’ve always dreamed about being on K2. I couldn’t be happier, since half the team is my best friends: Clayton, Cam and Shea. And we had almost the whole Stept crew at the crib. They were editing the movie, so we had a lot to do this summer. It was really sick having everyone around. Literally the entire crew was together and got to make decisions together on the movie.

DID THAT HELP THE MOVIE COME OUT IN A DIFFERENT WAY? Most definitely. I mean, everyone’s got their own vision of what the movie could be, and each would be sick. But it wouldn’t be what it is without everyone having input. That’s what makes the movie so good. We all got to sit down and go over it a hundred times before we made our decisions. Collectively we changed a bunch of stuff and had time to spend on it, and that made the movie what it is.

ONE THING YOU REALLY NEED TO ACCOMPLISH THIS WINTER. I just want to put out a classic ski movie segment. Now that I was able to link up with Poor Boyz, and Stept is blowing up too, I just want to put out segments that would get me super stoked when I was younger. The reason I wanted to ski were those banger movie segments. I’m trying to be that guy who makes the best segment for everyone to be stoked on.


AGE: 18
HOMETOWN: Big Boulder, PA
SPONSORS: K2 Skis, Under Armour, Oakley, Dakine, Full Tilt
FILM CREDITS: The Grand Bizarre_PBP, Network_Stept, Weight_Stept, Wild Stallions_Meathead, Work it Out_Meathead

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