Pro Pets: Meet Colter Hinchliffe’s four-legged ski partner, Juco

Pro Pets: Meet Colter Hinchliffe’s four-legged ski partner, Juco


Pro Pets is a column aimed at connecting the bridge between pro skiers, their pets and our readers.

Pro name:

Colter Hinchliffe

Pet name:


Pet breed:

Chocolate Labrador

Pet gender:


Pet age:



Colter and Juco.

Aspen-based skier Colter Hinchliffe is well known for his vibrant personality and on-snow talent. But have you heard of his family dog, Juco? She’s a three-year-old chocolate lab, given to Colter’s dad as a Christmas present, who shreds the Rocky Mountains like it’s her damn job. Below, check out some background info on the four-legged friend, as well as an honorable mention about Colter’s roommate’s cat (not pictured), Little Annie.

How did Juco and Little Annie get their names?
Juco got her name because my dad loves attending the Junior College World Series (JUCO) of baseball in Grand Junction, Colorado. As for the cat, my roommate named her after a restaurant in Aspen that shut down, Little Annie’s.

What’s the greatest lesson these pets have taught you?
That I like cats more than dogs.

Where is the most ridiculous place Juco has pooped?
In my pants.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Juco has done some pretty rad ski descents with me and my crew, and that’s a pretty great way to spend time with her. That’s also the one way dogs are better than cats; they love shredding just like us.


Juco in her element.


Assisting with Instagram logistics during a ski tour.


Shredding with the boys.


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