Pro Kits: AJ Kemppainen’s Gear

Pro Kits: AJ Kemppainen’s Gear


  Skis: Salomon Pro Pipe 181

  Boots: Salomon Ghost

  Jacket: Salomon Reflex

  Pants: Salomon Reflex

  Goggles: Giro Basis PK

  Helmet: Giro Shiv 2

  Poles: Salomon Brigade Team

  Gloves: POW High 5 Mitt

  Beanie: Colorado Avalanche Beanie

  Misc. Clothing: Jiberish State Fair shirt

  Misc. Clothing: Jiberish Striped Scarf

Finland's Antti-Jussi Kemppainen is widely regarded as one of the mosy stylish and fluid skiers out there. Pipe or slope, AJ is on top of his game, making everything look too good and too easy. The Fin missed quite a bit of last year due to a back injury, so he's back in the saddle this year, looking to make his mark. While no one can duplicate his natural style, you can at least see what it takes to look like him.

Having been with the company for as long as anyone can remember, AJ uses the Salomon Pro Pipe in 181cm length. "It's a strong and poppy ski that works perfectly whether in the pipe or on jumps," explains AJ. And while many Salomon fans ride the SPK Pro for park settings, AJ prefers the Salomon Ghost because "it's a stronger boot and gives me better control for riding transitions." While poles are an afterthough for many, AJ rocks the Salomon Brigade Team pole because he loves the grip. "I just love the handle. You gotta feel good while riding."

Being a head to toe rider, AJ rocks the Salomon Reflex jacket and pants, both in red (although the black is pictured). While the pieces are insulated and features Salomon's ClimaPro 2L layering, AJ insists that the outerwear comes in red. "Ski clothing just has to be red," he insists. Additionally he notes that the Reflex pants "are perfectly cut with long suspenders so you can hang them low."

Kemppainen rocks the Giro Shiv 2 helmet, in a dark denim to "keep his head safe." He pairs that up with the Giro Basis PK goggle because it "has very basic styling and gives me better vision. The darker lenses keep my eyes safe." Under the helmet and goggles AJ rocks a simple Colorado Avalanche beanie (in red of course). "You gotta support the local hockey team. I've been a big fan since I was a little kid." His glove of choice is actually a mitten, the POW High 5 mitt. "They are a very thin park mitt and easy to grab with. You just feel more thug while wearing mitts," he adds.

Underneat the Salomon Gear AJ is rocking the Jiberish State Fair shirt and Jiberish Striped scarf. The shirt is "skinny and long cut so it fits perfectly under the jacket," while the scarf is around not for it's warming properties but that "steeze always comes first."

Follow AJ on twitter: @AJ_Kemppainen

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