[Photo Gallery] All you need to know from Kings & Queens of Corbet’s, through the lens of Keegan Rice

[Photo Gallery] All you need to know from Kings & Queens of Corbet’s, through the lens of Keegan Rice

With fresh snow on the ground, (mostly) clear skies over head, and some of the rowdiest skiers in the game, the sixth annual Kings & Queens of Corbet’s was a monstrous success on February 7, 2023. The Jackson Hole, WY based event has been one of the most entertaining competitions in skiing, and this year was no different. Hordes of spectators gathered excitedly beneath the stunning venue, where athletes, JH staff and media members stood atop the massive take off. If you feel like you missed out we’ve got you covered. Below are highlights, info on how to watch athletes runs, how to vote for the People’s Choice Award, and incredible photos from Jackson-based photographer, Keegan Rice. This should tie you over until the full broadcast drops February 14th.

The course is laid out from the top of Corbet’s Couloir down to the Tensleep bowl viewing area. The riders have their pick of two airs to start; small lips that will launch anyone mental enough to try it from the top of Corbet’s down into the abyss. If you can stick the landing and keep your speed, there’s two interesting features on the skiers right and center of the course. These two diving boards can be hit at an angle or straight on. Find a nice line through there and you’re greeted with an open stretch down to the crowd-pleasing Red Bull big air jump. It might sound simple enough, but as we saw there are a hundred different ways to make this course your own from top to bottom.

Jackson Hole’s Instagram page has highlight after highlight from the event, but these were some of our top moments:

  • Alex Hackel with a giant hand drag cork 3 to start things off
  • Veronica Paulsen, the first woman to backflip into Corbet’s, became the first woman to ever attempt a double backflip into Corbets!
  • Reigning Queen Piper Kunst dropping in off the (daunting) west wall
  • Parkin Costain’s flat 3 Japan from the top rope
  • Colby Stevenson with a switch cork 5 Japan, stalling out in the middle of his final rotation! No idea what to officially call that trick, but it was heavy

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Click here and you can watch every athlete’s run and then VOTE for who you think deserves the win for the Men’s and Woman’s people’s choice award. Voting closes February 15th, with winners announced the following day. And if you’re worried because you didn’t see the livestream this year, don’t panic! The year’s event was NOT live streamed, but there will be a full broadcast replay live on February 14 on RedBull TV.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a photo gallery with stills from the talented Keegan Rice. Feast your eyes!

Photo Gallery

Photography and captions – Keegan Rice

Karl Fostvedt sending a 720 in on his first hit. Karl laid down multiple clean runs into the couloir.
Veronica Paulsen was the first woman to back flip into Corbets a few years ago. This year she became the first woman to send a double backflip. She under rotated his first try and went back up to almost nail it on her second go.
If you look below Ben Richards you can see that he is flying past everyone else’s landing tracks. Ben took a 360 to the bottom on his first run.
Parkin Costain with a flat 3 Japan on his first lap into Corbets.
Piper Kunst was the only competitor to drop the West Wall of Corbets. She pillow tapped on her way in and stuck the landing.
Colby Stevenson blasting on the bottom jump of the Kings and Queens course.
Amy David with a classic Corbet’s entrance.
Alex Hackel opening up the event with a hand drag cork 3.
Blake Wilson laying it out.

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