A personal update.

A personal update.

Folks, this is my first web update on the new freeskier.com. I guess I’ll label it a blog entry. Why you may ask? Because it in no way pertains to anything business or ski related. Am I wasting precious company time making a meaningless update? Yes. Are you going to get any information out of this post? No. Simply put, this is a place where I can empty out my thoughts. Hopefully you find it entertaining.

Something today gave me a bit of a smile. I came back from my lunchhour swim (yes, I swim at lunch) and noticed that some of the folks here in the office went out for what appears to be Chinese food. In keeping with office refrigerator etiquette, Mike Thomas went ahead and labeled his leftover container. Yes, Mike. You do, indeed, rule.

Click over to the photo to see what I’m talking about.

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